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Cut to the Flyer Passing Out Party. Everyone gathers in Mrs. Kravitz's lawn. MAVO explains that some of neighbors were there to help, some were there because of natural nosiness, and some were there, PAUL YOUNG, to find out what exactly the police knew, when they knew it, and if what they know has anything to do with a blender and a shallow grave. The detective tells the assembled to pass Mrs. Kravitz's "Missing" flyers out everywhere they think of, and turns to Edie. Edie sniffs and thanks them all for coming. She's so sad that her last conversation with Mrs. Kravitz was an angry one. She lies awake thinking about it, she cries, and then flings herself into the detective's arms. Over in the corner of the lawn, Lynette crabs that she doesn't know how Edie did it, but she managed to make Mrs. Kravitz's ordeal all about her. Yeah, like YOU'VE never done that, Lynette. Shut up. Susan changes the subject and wonders how Rex is doing. Lynette says that he's getting out of the hospital that very day. "I don't know how he had a heart attack," Susan sighs. "He was so young." Darling, stupid Susan, he still is: he's not dead. Yet. KimberBree hasn't gotten him home yet. Gabrielle hasn't been listening to any of this, and notes that Felicia is totally creepy. Lynette wonders if Mrs. Kravitz is dead. Susan shakes her head: "We're talking about [Mrs. Kravitz]. She's like a roach."

Across the lawn, Paul tells Felicia that everyone is praying for Mrs. Kravitz's safe return. "Oh, I seriously doubt that," Felicia drawls. She's kind of fabulous, isn't she?

Cut to Wilshire General Hospital. Andrew, Danielle, and KimberBree look through a window into Rex's hospital room, where he's doing the Languishing in Bed thing. "What do you mean, you're not taking care of him?" Danielle asks. She looks as she usually does: sobby and swollen-faced. Andrew yelps that Rex has got to have a place to recuperate. KimberBree tells Andrew that Rex is perfectly free to check into a motel, since she's not letting him back into her house. Danielle snuffles that she thought they were getting along much better. She asks what happened. KimberBree tells her that it's none of her business. Andrew spits that he thinks this is incredibly selfish. "I am so looking forward to the day when I get to put you in a nursing home," he says. KimberBree looks at him sharply: "I'm sorry to disappoint you, Andrew, but my plan is to have an embolism and to die young." Andrew retorts that while they're all rooting for her, she might not be that lucky. And then she'll be sorry then for abandoning Rex. KimberBree begins to say that Andrew wouldn't be saying that if he knew.... And then she trails off. Andrew demands to know what Rex did that was so very awful. KimberBree clearly thinks about telling her son that his father was nailing the local dominatrix, but she decides against it. Instead, she says, "Fine. I will see your father through this. But after that, he can rot in hell for all I care." And with that, she storms out. Danielle sniffs. "We're not like other families, are we?" she asks. Andrew shakes his head. "No, we're not," he tells her.

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