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Casa Incarcerated. Gabrielle's house is, interestingly, once again totally full of her furniture and her silver tea set and everything. How is that possible? Didn't she just store them in KimberBree's garage, to prevent them from getting repossessed? Why does she have it all back now? Yao Lin serves coffee as the lawyer tells Gabrielle that it's not his fault all their bank accounts are frozen. Gabrielle doesn't care whose fault it is -- she just wants him to fix it, because she's running out of money. Yao Lin wonders if maybe Gabrielle should sell some of her jewelry. "There's a lot of stuff you never wear, and most of it's ugly," she says. "Don't you have a toilet to scrub?" Gabrielle wonders icily. She stamps her feet and brats that she's so mad at Carlos! "What was he thinking, exporting goods made with slave labor? Why couldn't he have embezzled like other white-collar criminals?" she asks. The lawyer sighs that they just need his passport; then he can make bail, and they can argue that he needs money to live on, and the Feds will unfreeze one of his smaller accounts. Gabrielle lies that she still hasn't found the passport. "Gabrielle wanted her lifestyle back, no question," MAVO intones. "But she wanted her husband to suffer for his betrayal even more." Which betrayal is she talking about? Is this a betrayal we don't know about? Or is this just the whole He's A Smooth Criminal thing? Anyway. Gabrielle tells the lawyer she's still looking for the passport. "In that case, you might want to think about looking for a job," the lawyer tells her. Yao Lin snorts in disbelief.

Casa Klutzy. Susan and Mike flirt while he fiddles with her kitchen sink. That is not a euphemism. The doorbell rings: it's Karl. He needs her to sign some tax stuff. She ushers him into the kitchen and does the intros. "Right, the plumber," Karl says, regarding Mike. Mike just gives him a "girl, please," look, and then scampers home to get "the right washer" for Susan's sink. She giggles as he leaves. She signs the papers, and yaps to Karl about Julie's birthday plans: they're going to a piano bar with all her little girlfriends. Karl moons that this sounds really fun. Susan absentmindedly tells him to give her best to Brandi, and he tells her that they've broken up. He caught Brandi with another man. Susan, with great restraint, doesn't inform him snottily that karma is a boomerang, but maturely tells him that she's sorry he had to go through that, and gives him a hug. He squeezes her extra-tight and sniffs that it's "really hard for [him] right now." Mike walks in as Karl and Susan are still hugging, and she shoots him an "I don't even KNOW look," and Mike sort of rolls his eyes, and then she makes the "call me" sign and he leaves with a "what has she gotten herself into now?" expression. Susan extricates herself from Karl's clutches and suggests that he try ripping up old photos. He sadly tells her to have a fun weekend and asks her to let him know how Julie's party goes and she, of course, invites him along, because although Susan is clumsy and slightly dim, she's very kind hearted. Karl embraces her gleefully. "You're the best!" he tells her. She squeaks. "Oh, I am the best, aren't I?" she manages to get out.

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