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Night falls. Mike and Susan are making out at her place. She catches a glimpse of Mrs. Kravitz's "Missing" flyer out of the corner of her eye, and breaks away from the tonsil hockey to turn it upside down. Mike cracks up. "You're just...God, I love you." He says. He does? Wow, that was quick. Susan is pleased by this, of course, but somewhat surprised. "Oh! Well! That's...great!" she stutters. Well, I guess that's better than "thank you." She dives back into the making out, but Mike pulls away to tell her that the "I love you" just popped out. Susan admits that it just caught her off-guard. "I want to say it back!" she begins, and Mike chimes in that he knows she's not ready and that's okay. "You're not mad, are you?" she asks, and he assures her that he's not. "We haven't even been dating that long, and you have other issues, I get it," he says. She just kisses him, until it registers. "'Issues'? What kind of issues do you think I have?" she asks. Mike sighs: "You know what? I retract my statement. I no longer love you. In fact, I just think of you as a really good buddy." Susan won't accept this, though, and reiterates that she'd love to hear his insights. Mike puts on his Dr. Freud hat, and tells her that he thinks her divorce made her hurt and vulnerable. Susan rolls her eyes. "The postman knows that," she tells him. Mike also thinks she might still be into Karl. This, Susan vehemently denies: "I loathe Karl. And the postman will back me up on that, too." Mike says that he just thinks that there's a part of Susan that's still hung up on Karl. He points out that as soon as she found out Brandi broke up with Karl, she hugged him and invited him to a party. Susan makes a sour face and announces that the analysis portion of the evening is over. She then leaps off the bed and starts the laundry? They're...making out on a bed in the laundry room? Susan has moved a washer dryer into her bedroom? What? I am ever so confused. Further review of the tape indicates that this is not her bedroom, but who has a bed in the laundry room? Is this the spare bedroom? I totally miss their next exchange as I am puzzling over this, but somehow Mike has been strong-armed into coming to Julie's party.

Ye Olde Wisteria Lane Pharmacy. KimberBree is filling a prescription for Rex, and exchanging flirtatious niceties with George, the exceedingly white-toothed pharmacist. George is yapping about how, due to Rex's condition, he's at risk for an inflammation of the membrane around his heart and will need constant supervision. KimberBree grits that she's heard that. Behind her, an old man in a wheelchair coughs, and his crotchety old wife adjusts him. MAVO singsongs that KimberBree "caught a sickening glimpse of her future" in this old couple. Hiding her horrified face, KimberBree whips around asks George to come to dinner with her. He, understandably, wonders what Rex will think about this. KimberBree smiles winsomely, and explains that although she's taking care of Rex, they have actually separated.

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