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Meanwhile, out in the woods, a cop finds Mrs. Kravitz's car abandoned by the side of a dirt road, next to the interstate. Huh. How did Paul manage that? How did he get home if he dumped it there? How did he keep his DNA from getting all over the seats? Anyway, the policeman calls it in, and the next thing you know, all the neighbors are canvassing the woods. KimberBree steps carefully and tells Lynette and Susan, "I'm keeping my eyes on the horizon. Please let me know if I am about to step on a body part." Where is Gabrielle? Maybe she's at the car show. Anyway, Lynette suggests that they talk about something more cheerful as they look for their neighbor's decomposing body, so Susan tells them that Mike said the L word. Lynette and KimberBree squeal, and everyone else comes running, thinking they've found the body. "Susan just had some really good news, sorry," Lynette has to tell them. Edie's face falls and she storms off. "Susan always funds a way to make it about her," she says.

Ah, Gabrielle is at the mall, talking about the Lovely Buick Product Placement. She's got a burly woman working there with her, giving her the thumbs up and eying her fine bod. As Gabrielle does her thing, she looks up toward the escalator and sees Lynette and Gay Matt heading toward her. But...Lynette is in the woods looking for the body....and I thought Gabrielle wasn't there because she was at the Lynette is in two places at once? Or....this is later? Or....God, editors, please start using some transitions. Thank you. Anyway, there's all this silly business about Gabrielle deciding that she has to hide from Lynette the fact that she's working at the mall, which goes up to and includes hiding behind the turntable and then there's some blah blah about her fancy formal dress getting caught and it's all very charming, but eventually Gabrielle is forced to talk to the Scavos. "What are you doing here?" she asks. "Buying...a new water heater," Gay Matt forces out. "What about you?" Again, with the buying the water heater at the mall? I don't even know. Gabrielle says she's "doing a little shopping" to get her mind off how all her bank accounts have been frozen. Finally, Burly Lady comes up and unhooks Gabrielle before she does an Isadora Duncan on the turntable, and Lynette mentions that Gabrielle looks a bit "formal" for the mall. Gabrielle yammers something about matching her shoes to her dress -- which doesn't even approximate common sense -- and then introduces "Sarah" as her "shopping buddy." Sarah looks pleased as punch. "Okay!" Lynette chirps. "Well, you gals shop your little hearts out," she says, and takes off with Gay Matt. Gabrielle sighs.

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