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Piano bar. Julie and her little friends finish some random musical number that ends with the words "at the old five and dime!" because if there's anything teenage girls want to sing, it involves slang from 1943. The girls then "go upstairs" to "check out" "the dance floor." They leave, and Edie arrives. Turns out that Karl invited her as his date. Mike just sits there and looks awkward. Susan is peeved, of course. "Of all people, you picked that tired piece of -- Edie!" she says, turning at the last moment, of course, to greet her rival. Edie then nicely thanks Susan for the invite and kisses "the birthday boy" -- Karl -- for several long moments until Susan loudly says that it's not Karl's birthday. Karl chuckles. Edie pretends to be embarrassed. Mike thinks about going back to the French Foreign Legion, or wherever he came from.

In the car outside Casa Marcia Marcia Marcia, KimberBree thanks George for a lovely night. He assures her that the pleasure was his. Aw, they're smitten. She offers that she guesses she should go inside. They lean in for the kiss, but are interrupted by a knock on the window. It's Andrew, who was "coming home from Brian's house." He wonders what's going on. KimberBree explains that she and George went to dinner, and then gets out of the car to explain to her son that, yes, it was a date. Andrew crabbily wonders if she couldn't have waited until Rex was at least out of the house. KimberBree reminds Andrew that Rex is only in the house because he and Danielle talked KimberBree into it. Andrew wonders what she and George are going to do now. He leans down to talk to George. "Are you two gonna have sex?" he asks. Oy. KimberBree tells him that, no, they're not going to have sex. "Why not?" Andrew brats. "Because I don't commit adultery like your father!" KimberBree blurts. Everyone's face falls. KimberBree finally offers that she's trying to move on with her life. Andrew gives her a long dirty look, then leans down and says to George, "You should watch out for her, she's a liar." And, with that, he storms into the house. Poor KimberBree.

At Casa I Forgot She Was On This Show, Gabrielle's electricity is turned off. Here's a suggestion, Fancy Face: why don't you sell some of your crap? Or call your old modeling agency and see if they've got any work for you and fly into NYC for a couple of weeks to make some mad money? Or sell the jewelry? Or your house? Or your Louis Vuittons? Instead, Gabrielle just calls her lawyer and tells him she found the passport.

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