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My Heart Belongs To Daddy

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My Heart Belongs To Daddy
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Previouslies! Little Big P was mad that Lynette's MIA on the home-front. Carlos could go to the slammer for eight years if the gay-bashing charge sticks. Bree detected that she loves George. Susan told Zana to stay away from Julie, and also it turned out that Zana is Mike's son.

MAVO: "The residents of the Fairview county jail looked forward to every Tuesday. That was the day that Gabrielle Solis came to visit her husband." In flashback, we see Gabby walking through an exposed, chain-linked corridor that goes directly through the prison yard. Which seems...insane. So, like, anyone who comes to visit a prisoner has to walk through the fucking Thunderdome? Also: these are some hard, hard criminals for a county jail in sleepy little Fairview. Though I guess if Wisteria Lane is any example, Fairview is probably the crime capital of the world. MAVO: "The inmates went out of their way to give her compliments, whether she wanted them or not." Still in flashback, we see Gabby wearing a series of ridiculous outfits as she walks down the corridor of taunts and tongues again and again. MAVO: "With each visit, these accolades became increasingly inventive." From beyond the fence, the prisoners act out funny little pantomimes for Gabby, like "Finger-Lick Your Goods," "My Ass Is Like a Genie's Lamp: All It Needs Is a Little Rub (Here, Let Me Show You)," and everyone's favorite "Ride 'Em, Cowboy," where the cowboy is the inmate, and his horse, one presumes, is Gabby. MAVO: "Still, Gabrielle wasn't flattered. In fact, Gabrielle started to dread this...special attention." So she says! MAVO: "Until one day, when..." Once again, Gabby is cat-walking through the prison yard. She is wearing a truly Steel Magnolian outfit: a wide-brimmed sunhat with an eccentric cluster of white, black, and red flowers; a fitted top with matching cropped, puffed-sleeve bolero jacket (both in a pattern of bright red embroidered with white daisies); a black-and-white striped belt; and a tight, red skirt with thigh-slit. The shall I put this? It isn't exactly the wisest choice for someone who is "dreading special attention"...unless, I don't know, maybe this is how Gabby chooses to take back the night?

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