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Sins of The Mothers
't necessarily make her a lesbian. Everyone hears.

Bree has made dinner for the family, including Danielle and Sam. She wonders aloud what Rex would think if he saw them all sitting there. "Probably, 'Who's the guy in the wheelchair?'" says Orson. Bree says that Sam got his MBA while working and taking care of his mother. He also worked with the underprivileged. Danielle says that his experience reminds her of her first job. Andrew reminds her that she worked at the mall. Outlet mall, she corrects. She knows what working with the poor is like. They're always late. Bree says they wanted their kids to work with the less fortunate. Andrew jumps in and says they took the opportunity to disappoint her once again (she really did kind of say that). Bree says that Rex loved music and Sam says he plays the guitar. Wait! Rex played guitar! She tells him to wait a second. The next thing we see, Sam is playing a classical piece on Rex's guitar. Brilliantly. Bree offers to give the guitar to Sam and Andrew protests. He has been taking lessons. Bree asks for a recital and he tries to stumble through "Jingle Bells." It's awful. Bree stops him and tells him to give Sam the guitar. He refuses. Finally, he breaks the guitar on the mantle. Sam, sounding like a robot, says that his presence has brought unhappiness, so he must retreat to his pod. Bree says that he has acted admirably in the face of rudeness, then looks at Andrew. He reminds her that, though Sam is the perfect son, he isn't hers.

Oh look, it's Angie and Nick. Angie asks him if they're talking yet and he doesn't respond, so she plops a revolver in his lap. She says he might as well shoot her. He's upset that she told her mother about Danny's parentage. She says her mom would never have let him go without the truth. Nick says that he loves Danny and needs to tell him the truth about Patrick being his father, but Angie insists that Nick is the only father Danny needs. Nick tells her to get the gun out of there before someone gets hurt. She clicks the unloaded gun three times and smiles. She says she didn't think he'd shoot her, but she's not stupid.

Angie's mom's neighbor takes a call from a mystery man. He says he wants to drop by for the "information." She agrees and tells him that he'd better bring money lest she suffer from "selective Alzheimer's."

In her car, Susan makes a phone call to a college friend who owes her a favor. She's selling her candy. MJ, in the backseat, points out that Gabby is selling candy to some construction workers. While wearing a tight dress. Susan assures MJ that he's going to win.

Preston and Irina tell Tom and Lynette that they're moving to their own apartment. Lynette says that she thinks it's a great idea. Later, she tells Tom that living in a crappy apartment will tear them apart.

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