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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Carlos's office. John comes in. He says he has to ask him something, out of respect. You know, sort of why he slept with Carlos's wife. John says that Ana came to him looking for a hostessing job, and he won't hire her if Carlos isn't comfortable with him, given their history. Carlos says he should cut the "our history" crap and just say he banged his wife. Then he says he's forgiven John, but he still wants to punch him in the face. John says this was clearly a bad idea, and Gaby wouldn't have liked it anyway. Carlos stops him and asks why, and John's like, "You know, given our history."

Gaby's proving John right by freaking out when Carlos tells her that Ana's going to work for John. Carlos says Gaby's clearly jealous that her beautiful niece is going to work for her ex-lover, because she still has the hots for him. He mimics her putting her hair down at dinner and asking if he's divorced. Gaby asks if he was letting Ana work for John to test her. He says yes, and Gaby failed. He says she wanted to look pretty for her ex-lover and stomps off. Gaby hollers after him that John is also her ex-gardener; can't he call him that?

At whatever event Bree and Orson are attending, someone's telling them she hasn't seen them together in so long, she thought they'd split up. Orson puts her arm around her and Bree makes him stop touching her as soon as the lady leaves. Then Bree sees Karl and sends Orson away to get a crab puff. Bree greets Karl by accusing him of stalking her, and coming to the event because he's obsessed with her. Then a cute, young girl walks up, calls Karl "hon," and asks if he's found their table. Karl turns back to Bree: "You were saying?" Commercials, including this weird "Another Desperate Housewife" thing. What's with these commercials that are masquerading as spinoffs of the TV show lately? I think I'm already sick of them, mostly because they confuse me. Am I supposed to watch, or can I skip them, like more direct commercials?

Back at the "event," Bree wants to be introduced to Karl's girlfriend. He says she's his "old friend," Candace. Bree asks if he doesn't mean that he's Candace's "old friend." Karl says if they don't see Bree again tonight, that would be good. Then Candance apologizes to Bree for Karl's rudeness, saying Karl's just excited to get to the Motor Lodge. Really? Who on earth would say that to someone they just met, at a fancy event? She says he wanted to go there instead of the event, but she wanted to eat lobster. They're walking away when Orson comes back and greets Candace. He used to be her dentist, apparently, and he invites them to sit with him and Bree. Karl and Candace go to get food and Orson counters Bree's snide comments about Candace by saying she's actually very sweet, but he has to pity anyone who would be with Karl. Bree: "Yes, you do."

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