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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Back at dinner, Lynette and Tom are continuing to sneak her wine to him. The client asks if Lynette likes dogs, and a drunken Tom pipes up, "Ooh, I love 'em! But Penny is allergic, so we got fish. Fish suck. Swim, die, flush, new one. Swim, die, flush, new one. You know what dog I really like, is the Ramma-Weiner." Everyone looks at him, and Lynette corrects: "Weimaraner." Tom's like, "Winnow-hammer." Lynette: "Weimeraner." Tom: "Rammer-jammer." Carlos: "Lynette, make him stop." But it's too late. Tom turns to Gaby and says he wants to tell her something, but he's afraid it'll come out wrong. Then goes on, "Your boobs [pause] look great in that dress." Gaby: "Tom. How could that possibly come out wrong?" Tom, knowingly: "You'd be surprised." Okay, Doug Savant totally owned that scene. I even made my husband watch that scene just so I could enjoy it again. Lynette asks them to forgive Tom, saying he's a bit of a lightweight, and that the client's wine is so delicious. The client says she's had a whole bottle, and she's totally composed, though, and starts to pour her more. Tom stops them and says if she has another glass, he'll puke. Hee.

Susan's drinking wine, too, when Mike comes home. He sits down with her and tells her he just talked to Bob, who asked him to stop by. Apparently, the police have evidence that clears Danny Bolen. Susan can't believe it, but Mike says he was on the security cameras at Fairview Liquor, sitting in the parking lot drinking beer, for over an hour. So he couldn't have done it. Susan can't believe it, since that means the attacker is still out there. And then she finally feels bad that she's been telling everyone Danny did it. She's sorry, not just to the Bolens, but also to Mike, since he woke up the morning after his wedding and found himself married to a madwoman. He says he said for better or worse, "so we start with the worse." They hug. Why on earth doesn't someone hold that woman accountable and make her, you know, change the way she is instead of constantly coddling her?

Gaby and Carlos come home, and he heads up to bed. She stays behind to turn off some lights. But what she means by that is pull out an old modeling album, where she has mall pictures of John and her stashed behind one of her magazine covers. She looks at them fondly, and they do look cute and fun. But I find it weird you'd take pictures at a mall booth with the gardener you're having an affair with. And since John looks so much older now, they put a baseball cap on him in the photos to fool us into thinking he was younger.

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