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Mike and Susan enter the morgue, and the cop tells them he didn't know who else to call, since CreePaul is missing, thereby somewhat answering the question I had just yelled at the television: "Why the hell did they call Mike?" The cop pulls back the sheet to reveal a kid with blond, product-crazy hair -- the hair of a teenager who people maybe talked to at school, i.e. the hair of someone who is immediately recognizable as not Zana. What? Just how vague was the description the police had of Zana? Was that one of Mike's subterfuge tactics, giving the police the wrong details? Or maybe they thought Zana had given himself an "on the lam" makeover? Not clear! The cop asks Susan if she's sure this blond boy is, in fact, not Zana. "He had a gun in my face for six hours, I know what he looks like." And even though it's true, she did spend a rough day held hostage by crazy Zana, the way she says it makes it sound like the exaggeration of some drama-starved exaggerator. No wonder Mike had such an easy time convincing the cops that Susan was making the whole thing up. Mike, looking shaky, walks over to sit on a desk, and Susan looks at him at first pensively, and then with a dawning realization. The background music asserts itself meaningfully, and she walks over to sit next to Mike. Softly, she asks him, "Zach is your son, isn't he?" Mike says yes, he's pretty sure Zana is his son. It appears as though Deirdre got pregnant before Mike went to jail, and told him she'd had an abortion, but apparently she LIED. (So there goes the hope that Marc Cherry would make even the slightest effort to fix the problem of Mike's prison sentence starting way earlier than Zana's date of conception...what, couldn't they drum up a conjugal visit? A handy supply of iced sperm?) Mike: "When I took Paul out to the desert, I was so angry, I wanted to hurt him, the way they hurt Deirdre. But when he told me that he and Mary Alice had taken care of Deidre's baby, that rage just went away. Kept me from doing something really stupid." Susan looks a little like she's going to throw up; maybe she finally noticed that they're having this entire conversation in the same room as a dead boy? She jumps up and rushes out, saying she's going to take a cab home, and Mike just keeps sitting there, in the morgue, looking introspective. Meanwhile: is nobody at all curious about yet another dead body showing up in town? Who is this dead kid with the artfully positioned hair? What the hell is going on?

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Desperate Housewives




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