Desperate Housewives
No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds

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No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds

Bree and Orson show Alma to the door, where Bree spies Susan scrambling out to her car. Ah ha! Bree's eye's narrow into a smug "Evil Plan" squint, and she invites Alma to come over for a dinner party to meet a few of Bree's friends (i.e., Susan).

Down at the jailhouse. Susan informs Mike that she's set him up with a great lawyer. Mike insists that he's going to pay her back some day, and she waves him off with a vague sort of non-explanation. So she's not going to tell him that her new boyfriend, Ian, is footing the bill? Oh, Susan, all wishy-washed up, as per usual. Mike marvels that he ever believed Edie's lies about Susan, and then he tells her what a great friend she is. Susan uncomfortably informs him that, regarding her great friendship? Actually she won't be visiting him anymore, regarding the fact that it makes Ian tense. Mike confesses that he would behave just like Ian (what, possessive and desperate and mildly creepy?) if their roles were reversed. Susan and Mike shake hands and exchange a soulful look, then she leaves and he stares after her, looking heartbroken. Or maybe it's just gas.

Dinnertime at the Scavos. The kids (even Penny...or the back of her head, at least) all belly up to the dinner table. Lynette made Kayla's favorite: tacos! But I thought Tom was making chili tonight? Thought it turns out that Tom's not there: he's still working on getting his pizza place ready to open. While I appreciate the nod to continuity, it seems weird that he'd miss out on Kayla's first dinner home. Kayla takes her plate and heads over to the television. Lynette tries to stop her, based on the Scavo family rule of "no TV at dinner." "But my show is on," Kayla brats. Not The O.C., not Ugly Betty, but "my show." My 83 year old grandmother used to call Murder She Wrote her "show." Once again I ask, how old is this girl? One second she's being played six years too young, the next she's 66 years too old. Anyway, Lynette caves and lets bratty Kayla watch her television "just this once," which enrages the P boys. Lynette tries to make them stick to the rules, but they exchange a look and then stand as a group to go join their new sister, Lynette hisses and snaps and blusters until they sit back down. One of the Ps -- Parker? Posey? -- asks if Kayla's going to get dessert, too. Kayla, smugly, yells out, "Of course I do." Lynette sits there, looking unsettled.

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