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No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds

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No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds

Gabby and Billy Bob are home from the movies. He's all fired up about the documentary they just saw: "You know, I read that the director shot over 400 hours of film?" Gabby: "Really? I only counted half that." Billy Bob chortles over her boredom and nicely offers to let her pick the next movie. They kiss. Gabby notices a huge bouquet sitting on her porch. Gabby coos over how nice it was for Billy Bob to cowboy up with the romantic gesture, but he denies it. The card reads, "Loving you from afar..." Gabby apologizes over the awkwardness of the situation, but Billy Bob is very understanding. Too understanding: Gabby wistfully says something about how Carlos would have gone bananas if some guy had gone and sent her flowers. The "Wait a Minute!" fiddles swell, and Gabby gets a gleefully suspicious look in her eye. Speaking of Carlos...clearly that minx sent the flowers! Much to Billy B's chagrin, Gabby marches over to Mike and Carlos's bachelor pad, where Carlos is pumping free weights. She accuses him of sending her the flowers, he denies it, but Gabby totally doesn't believe him. She throws the flowers at him, huff! Carlos laughs a Jolly Green Giant laugh. Far more intriguing than the Case of the Anonymous Flowers is the magical mystery that is Gabby's gleaming silver leather space-suit jacket trench-thing with three-quarter-length sleeves. And I'm not talking about her silver leather space blazer. Or the silver leather space mini she wore back when she was pregnant. This is an entirely new item. Which means that Gabby owns three different insane silver leather items. Why? How?

Back at Taco Night. Lynette is clearing up after dinner when she finds her antique doll in the trash. Its arm has been ripped off and it's covered some sort of ominous brown something. Lynette is hurt!

Later. Tom is home, and Lynette is in her PJs, scrubbing off her makeup as she tells him about all the naughtiness that Kayla got up to tonight. Oh okay, apparently that the brown substance was chili. But I thought it was taco night! Wait, the Scavos put chili in their tacos? Are you allowed to do that? Lynette moans about Tom never being home anymore, and he explains that their "life savings" is tied up in the restaurant, which is why he has to be down there all the time. I'll buy that. Tom counsels Lynette to start taking a "firm hand with Kayla," that the girl is "part of [their] family now." Lynette: "Yeah, I should treat her as badly as I treat my own children." Tom chortles knowingly. Side note: Felicity Huffman, in a courageous nod to verisimilitude, has actually removed all her makeup in this scene. Wow, an actress playing a "go to bed" scene sans makeup? Are you allowed to do that?

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