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No One Is Alone

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No One Is Alone

Betty comes downstairs with Matthew's breakfast, and out of the dark, Danielle charges at her and clocks her over the head. Betty falls to the ground. Danielle looks slightly shocked by what she's done, but she still grabs the dungeon keys off unconscious Betty. Matthew yells that Danielle was only supposed to steal the key, but Danielle urges him to run away with her, and together they skedaddle (after Matthew pauses to grab Betty's gun off the breakfast plate, of course).

At home, an exhausted and shiny-pale Bree carries a basket full of laundry into Andrew's room, which is now decorated with Danielle's things. And there, she finds this note from Danielle: "Mother, Matthew and I are running away together and we're never coming back. If you want me to be happy, you won't try and find us. Living in that house with you was like being in a prison. You drove me to do this, so I hope you blame yourself. Have a nice life."

After this, we see Bree packing up her bags and calmly, with a little, sad smile, checking herself into the Fairview Meadows Psychiatric Hospital. Is it just me, or does Danielle's storyline totally have "happily ever after" written all over it, like in blood?

Paul wakes up in the middle of the night and walks into the kitchen, where he promptly slips in something...very slippery. He turns on the light and discovers that his kitchen floor has been painted with a huge swatch of blood. Also, his blood-covered hands have now marked the light switch. With a curse to "that psychotic bitch," he gets up and follows the trail of blood into the garage, where he's greeted by a flashing car full of Fairview's finest. And Felicia's trap is sprung! He tries to explain that Felicia isn't dead; rather, she's the one who made the call; in fact, she's undoubtedly somewhere nearby "laughing her ass off" over his predicament. But the police are unmoved by his story, especially once they find two of Felicia's fingers right there in the trunk of his car. Wow, Felicia is totally, utterly, stomach-turningly crazy. And eww! CreePaul and I have the exact same red-topped plastic storage boxes! I need a shower. A hot, hot shower. CreePaul, upon seeing the fingers, lying there amongst the blood and his jumper cables: "Man, she's good."

MAVO summary (with smarmy, "haunting" piano under): "It's a shocking moment for each of us, that moment we realize that we are all alone in this world." CreePaul is settled into the back of a police car. Hey, where's Zana? MAVO: "The family we take for granted could one day abandon us." Tom sits on his couch, alone, in the dark. MAVO: "The husband we trust so implicitly might betray us." Gabby sits on the couch, as Carlos and Money play a rousing game of chess off to the side, huzzah. MAVO: "The daughter we love so deeply perhaps won't return to us." Curled up on her bed at the crazy farm, Bree calmly stares off into space. MAVO: "And then we could end up all by ourselves." Puffy, hideous Edie lies alone in the hospital, not a flower in sight (sad!). MAVO: "Of course, some see great value in going in alone," Susan stands in front of burned out house and hugs her Elmo pelt closer to her thin frame with a small smile of self-satisfaction. MAVO: "For example...."

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