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No One Is Alone

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No One Is Alone

Gabby, wearing her silk coral PJs, comes up and finds Moneylocks asleep in her bed. Carlos, mid-toothbrush, comes out and explains that he's given Money the use of their bedroom, because the bathroom is so much closer and the bed is so much more comfortable than in the guest bedroom. Why they didn't work this out earlier in the day is beyond me. They should have fixed up Money's room with all the amenities the very second they decided to set her up as a surrogate. Also, if Gabby and Carlos are using the guest bedroom and bathroom now, why is Carlos in here brushing his teeth? Anyway, Gabby and Carlos bicker and bitch, and Money looks on with the blanket pulled up to her chin like Kilroy, her big, worried saucer eyes ping-ponging along with the rhythm of the argument. Martyr Money gets up and volunteers to go back to her own bed, but the act of standing brings on the vomit, and she stands there a minute with her hand clamped over her mouth. Gabby gives an exasperated, eye-rolling O, and Money runs off to the master toilet. Is Money maybe working it? Hm.

Cut to Gabby and Carlos tossing and turning in Money's twin-sized bed. They bicker some more, and Carlos petulantly tells Gabby that everything's going to be fine; they'll buy a nice big bed tomorrow. Gabby: "That is not the point. We're a week into this pregnancy and already you're putting Xiao Mei's needs before mine!" Carlos: "Well she's the priority now. She's the mother of my child." No he didn't! Yes he did. No. Yes. Gabby rather ineffectually snits that it's her "egg," and Carlos sighs and says Gabby knows what he means: Money is..."the oven." Gabby interrupts emphatically: "a well-cared-for, well-paid OVEN." They tussle and turn, and then Carlos "accidentally" kicks Gabby, and she goes flying out of the bed. That does it! Gabby grabs the pillow and heads off to sleep on the couch. Carlos yells at her for taking their only pillow, and I am somewhat skeptical. Really? There are only three pillows in the whole house? How did things get so spartan in Casa Solis? Surely things weren't this bad when Mama was alive?

Danielle, upset from her disaster of a birthday party, heads over to the Applewrongs for some Matthew-flavored comforting. After her pebbles thrown at the upstairs window elicit no response, she opens the hinged basement door, à la those seen in Kansas of the Wizard of Oz, and heads down into the basement. (Geography watch: I know we just established, what with Lynette's flight pattern, that Fairview is on the west coast, and yet...I'm pretty sure we don't really have that kind of basement here in California, hm. Also: I would have thought the secret Applewrong basement dungeon would have been somewhat more difficult to access?) Of course she discovers Matthew, but she's unable to get through the locks. She tells him that she's going to get him out, and he warns her about the dangers of Betty. Danielle: "I know a little something about psycho moms. Trust me, I'll be fine."

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