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Now I Know, Don't Be Scared

Susan has come back to visit Mike's dad and tell him something. Namely, that she doesn't believe his story. When he wonders why she cares, she tells him that she can handle any physical defect her baby might have, but not if it's born without a soul or a conscience because of Papa Delfino's genes. Papa Delfino claims he can't think about what he did or he'll go crazy. He says that what he really regrets is turning a popular kid like Mike into a murderer's son. "I'm not sure that kind of darkness ever truly goes away," he tells Susan. Not helping, Mike's dad. Susan defends Mike, saying he's happy, with a wife and a baby on the way. Papa Delfino says he also had a lot going for him before he threw it all away. "Just keep an eye on him," he says, heading back to his cell. Always great advice, when given to Susan.

Edie comes over to Victor's and, finding him alone, hands her photo of Carlos kissing Gabby right over to him. While he holds it and regards it silently, his face as blank as always, Edie rattles on about how this is really all Carlos's fault. "I think he deserves whatever's coming to him, don't you?" she asks. Victor's only answer is another blank look. One that I read as, "Who besides you knows about this, Edie, and do they know you're here?"

It's a quiet evening at the Scavos', but Lynette quickly wakes up from her margarita-induced nap when her oncologist, Dr. Rushton, shows up for a house call. He's there to tell her -- and Tom, and Stella -- that the cancer's gone. Gone! Hot damn. Tom goes to get the kids, and Stella drags the doc into the kitchen for a margarita, leaving Lynette all alone in the living room. She goes out back and looks up at the stars, stretching out her arms under the night sky. And then she happens to look down and see the corpse of Scruffles, whom her rat poison must have finally caught up with. She drops into a sitting position on the yard, tells the dead varmint, "I'm sorry," and cries like an asshole. Hey, cheer up, Lynette; you're two for two now.

Mary Alice VOs some more about fear, and how nothing is scarier than our own thoughts. "What if she comes to regret her decision?" as Bree puts Danielle in a cab. "What if he really is unhappy?" as Susan watches Mike stomp around the yard. "What if the chance for love has passed forever?" as Edie looks out her window alone. And as Lynette watches the kids play with Tom in the yard, Mary Alice concludes, "What does not kill us, just makes us stronger." Um, "us," Sunshine?

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