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Mal stops by Susan's house to confess that he's made a terrible mistake: she's not going through menopause; in fact, she's pregnant. Mike is thrilled over the good news, and they french and french. Huh -- I guess the fact that Susan doesn't actually want a baby is now magically taken care of?

Edie finds Carlos on the couch after his night with Gabby, and she tells him that she got sort of lonely while he was gone, which is why she had to go through Carlos's stuff, just so she could feel closer to him? And hey, what's this about a ten-million-dollar offshore account? In short, she won't tell anyone about his illegal money stash, so long as he keeps her "happy." She skips upstairs all gleeful, and Carlos lies there on the couch, looking grim. I used to love-hate Edie, but now I just kind of hate-hate her -- I miss the strong Edie of Seasons 1 and 2, the Edie I always thought was just in it for the sex and who liked her own company just fine. This Edie is just kind of pathetic and off-putting. And this show already has a Susan.

The MAVO montage shows us all the Ladies sipping on mugs of morning beverages and looking out their windows wistfully and thinking about their various "secrets." Julie comes downstairs and tells Susan that she thinks Dylan isn't actually the same girl that she grew up with. Worried-face Susan looks over at Katherine's house, and we cross-fade to Katherine standing in a dark room. Mal comes in and asks if "this is the room?" Katherine tells him that Dylan's been asking when she can move in, and Mal tells her to go ahead and let her; Katherine may remember "it," but Dylan clearly doesn't. But Katherine firmly says that she "won't allow it." Mal wonders if they made a mistake moving back, and Katherine says that it wasn't like they exactly had a choice, and then she looks at him all pointedly. They leave the room, locking the door behind them. Huh, so that's it. The Season 4 mystery is another "mysterious family with a locked room" storyline? Shrug.

More importantly, why were Edie's trashcans out on the street on a Saturday night, when trash day on Wisteria Lane is clearly on Thursdays?

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