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One More Kiss

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One More Kiss

Over at Blind Father-Son Date Night at the bowling alley, Julie manages to knock down all but one pin. Susan and Mike cheer for her, and then Mike notices Zana, who is nervously walking down to join the happy family. Susan jumps up to greet him, and he looks worriedly over at Mike: "Mr. Delfino, I didn't know you were going to be here." Mike spins a tale about how he just happened to come in to the alley to "bowl a few frames" and then, wow, he accidentally ran into Susan and Julie. Zana says that he guesses it's okay, and Susan and Mike exchange a super-obvious smile. Susan, in a defiance of physics and also all that is holy, manages to lift up a bowling ball with her skeletal arms and roll it down the lane. She gloats about getting "nine" and yells at Mike to "write it down." Zana gets up there next and does an awesomely spastic job of immediately rolling the ball into the gutter. Susan and Mike exchange another huge look, and Zana apologizes to Mike. Mike encourageously tells Zana that it's fine, that he and Zana are "still close [to winning]" -- meaning, I guess, that the teams are Susan and Julie against Mike and Zana. Mike: "Anyway, Julie's totally going to choke." Julie flirtatiously raps Mike on the shoulder with her finger and tells him, "Just for that, I am NOT bringing you back a hot dog." Then she turns to Zana and asks if he wants one. Zana, confused, says yes. After Julie leaves, Zana stands there, staring weirdly at Mike and Susan. Susan -- who appears to be wearing bowling shoes are unlike any pair I've seen at a alley (not only are they spanking new, but they're comprised of some "ode to the '80s" color scheme of pink, yellow, and green) -- asks Zana what's wrong. Zana: "I don't understand what you're doing." Mike -- who for a second thinks their dumb Parent Trap plan has come unraveled -- asks Zana what he means. Zana explains that since he pointed a gun at Mike and Susan, they should hate him, not take him bowling. Susan says something about how Zana had an "incredibly hard year," and that she and Mike just want to help him "move on." Mike tells Zana how, when he was young, he too got mixed up in some "really bad stuff," and "even did time in prison." Zana looks impressed by this news. Mike: "Yeah, but when I got out, people were willing to forgive me. Everybody deserves a second chance." Oh really Mike? I thought your motto was one strike and you're out. Susan jumps up and makes a bumbling exit, encouraging Zana and Mike to "keep talking...and bowling, talk and bowl, bowl and talk" as she goes to help Julie with the tray of hot dogs. And Mike takes the cue, launching right in with some bowling tips for Zana. And voilà! Zana rolls the ball and knocks down all but two pins. Mike claps him on the back, and they smile and laugh. See? Being a father is easy!

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