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One More Kiss

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One More Kiss

Once again, quiet Wisteria Lane is awash with the strobe of police lights. (Forget the competition, isn't realtor Edie worried about the property values, which surely have plummeted after all the murders, burglaries, and hit-and-runs that have happened on this street.) As Susan gives her statement to the police, Lynette, Gabby, Edie, and Bree stand off to the side. Betty and Matthew are still standing in the exact same spot in front of their house, even though it's now completely dark out. Matthew to Betty: "Are you worried now? Because I am." Betty takes a deep, invigorating breath and tells him, "Not yet. Just be patient. See what happens." Susan rejoins the Ladies, and together they debrief. Gabby wonders if the latest body is CreePaul's work, but Susan ixnays the idea, explaining that CreePaul seemed as surprised as everyone else by the surprise in the trunk. Edie, with the eye-contact-laden enthusiasm of someone telling a good ghost story: "I think it's the Applewhites. I talked to the dead guy, and he said he was doing an appraisal on their house? Well...I got a little cheesed, so I called every realtor in town. Nobody had even heard of him." (Hmm, do the police know this? If not, why are they talking to Susan and not Edie?) Edie goes on to dish out that the Applewrongs are also "fishy" because they bought their house sight unseen. Gabby: "And they did move in the middle of the night." Susan: "And then there were the noises." All the ladies turn and look at her quizzically. Susan: "A couple of weeks ago, I heard some noises coming from the basement, like a clanging. I asked Betty about it, [and] she lied right to my face." Lynette: "What's that about?" Ha! As a unit, all five women turn and look over at Betty and her son. Betty and Matthew smile and wave, and the ladies, looking suspiciously blank-faced, wave back weakly. Betty, to Matthew: "Now I'm worried."

Later, Zana is out in front of his house, strumming away on his guitar, when a car full of kids pulls up in front of Julie's house and Julie hops out. Zana yells, "JULIE!" and she turns and walks over. Zana is sad to inform her that his dad found out about the bowling, so they're not going to be doing that again any time soon. (The news about the body in the trunk would have been a punchier lead, Zana, just FYI.) Julie, who really is very nice, seems genuinely sad for Zana, and she tells him how very sorry she is about the lack of bowling in their future. Zana rushes to tell her how glad he is that they went, though: "I haven't felt like part of a family in a long time. Thanks." Zana turns to go back inside, and Julie grabs his arm and gives him a kiss on his cheek. Oh, Julie. I understand the sentiment, but I hope you realize that you're playing with fire putting your lips anywhere near that buttoned-up boy. It seems that Sophie's and Susan's penchant for creating trouble has been passed down to Julie, after all!

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