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One More Kiss

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One More Kiss

And then MAVO kicks in with her summary (which, I feel compelled to point out, ties in rather delightfully to both the opening MAVO as well as the overall "consequences of kissing" theme, which wends its way throughout this particular show...I say this only because far too often the MAVO "theme" is completely divorced from the rest of the show, and I really do like how nicely everything gelled together this week): "The act itself never varies, but each kiss carries with it a meaning all its own. It can convey a husband's eternal devotion..." Lynette and Tom kiss in bed. "...Or a wife's enormous regret..." Gabby puts her arms around Carlos and kisses him forlornly. "It can symbolize a mother's growing concern..." Betty kisses Matthew on the forehead. "...Or a lover's growing passion..." Justin necks with Andrew under the gazebo. "But whatever its meaning --" Karl and Edie make out on the couch "-- each kiss reflects a basic human need..." Alberta the Cat Lady kisses her cat. "The need to connect to another human being." Bree kisses a photo of Rex. "This desire is so strong, it's always amazing when some people don't understand it." Zana and Julia stand out in front of Zana's house as CreePaul looks on ominously from the window. Uh oh. Who's CreePaul going to brain with a appliance next?

NEXT WEEK: Susan meets a younger man, Gabby flashes the gardeners, and Lynette wants Tom to get a vasectomy.

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