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One More Kiss

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One More Kiss

The party's over. Bree shows a couple to the door, breathes a huge, satisfied sigh, and then turns spies something shocking: apparently someone has tipped a wineglass over on one of the side tables! MAVO: "After every party comes the time for cleaning. We attend to the champagne that was spilled [Bree sponges up the spilled wine], the knick-knacks that got broken [Edie sweeps up some broken china], the food that went uneaten [Lynette clears some trays from the table and brings them into the kitchen], and whatever other messes up." Gabby, who's washing dishes, tells Lynette just to hand over the trays, and Lynette, with a huge and tense smile, says, "So, Gabby? You know that...thing you and Tom did tonight, that...kiss?" Gabby, with eyes shining bright: "Wasn't that hysterical? The look on Tom's face!" Lynette totally fake-laughs, and then sort of tries to walk away,, she just can't leave it alone. Lynette grabs a tiered tray of food (oh my god, the princess cake is not even half eaten!) and walks back to the sink. Lynette, with a kind of off-putting, syrupy, "no biggie" kind of smile: "I know this sounds silly, kind of bugged me." And at "bugged," Lynette kind of scrunches up her nose. Gabby looks startled and asks Lynette if she's serious, and Lynette confesses that she really kind of is, but that she doesn't want to make a "big deal out of it." Except...could Gabby "maybe not do that again?" Gabby, looking totally befuddled, smiles and gives Lynette an "okay." Lynette thanks her and pats her arm, and Gabby turns back to the dishes.

Susan, Edie, and Bree walk in, and Susan says something about how come the Applewrongs didn't come to the party. Bree says that she invited them, but they just didn't come. Edie asks them what they think of the Applewrongs, and Susan and Bree agree that they're definitely "interesting." Edie: "Mmm. They weird me out, too." Susan and Bree try to pretend that's not what they were saying, and Gabby and Lynette exchange looks: clearly the "Matter of the Kiss" is not quite settled between them. Gabby swings her hair around and says to Lynette: "You know, we were just having fun and entertaining the crowd." Lynette looks over nervously at the other ladies and suggests that maybe next time she and Tom can "try juggling instead." Never one to let grass grow beneath her, Edie asks what's going on. Gabby tries to pretend that "nothing" is going on, but Edie insists that she senses "a little tension." Lynette denies it, but then Gabby keeps staring at her, so Lynette's all "What?" and Gabby tells Lynette, "You make it sound like I was making a pass at your husband. And that's just a little bit insulting." Now Gabby's the one giving the "just kidding, just, just kidding (no I'm not)" smile with her delivery. Lynette insists that all she was saying was that the kissed bugged her. Edie: "Is this about that kiss?" Susan, who missed the whole thing, is confused, so Edie explains how Gabby, as a joke, planted a "big wet kiss on Tom." Edie tells Susan how "hilarious" it was, and Gabby is all "you see?" to Lynette. Bree: "But to be fair to Lynette, you are an ex-model and surely it must have dawned on you that some women would prefer it if you didn't kiss their husbands." Lynette gives an amen to that. Susan tries to smooth things over, and both Gabby and Lynette pretend no longer to be mad. Edie starts to gossip about the outfit "Cathy Lewis" was wearing at the party: "Whoever told her she could get away with those vertical stripes should be shot." Wow, Edie is wearing a very, very low-cut top. Gabby and Lynette exchange one last look, and it's obvious that both ladies still have their pique on.

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