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One More Kiss

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One More Kiss

I can't really decide whose side I'm on here. On one hand, I feel like clearly the Tom-Gabby kiss was a one-time-only sort of thing, and the only thing Lynette did by confronting Gabby was demonstrate how crippled with insecurity and dorkiness she really is. On the other hand, I think Gabby's kiss would have been just as funny, and not nearly as controversial, if Gabby had planted it on Tom's cheek versus his mouth. Also I find it really hard to believe that Gabby is so very surprised by Lynette's jealousy. She can't really be that oblivious, can she? Sigh.

Outside, Bree kisses Susan goodbye on the cheek, and Susan walks toward her house. Just then, Zana appears; he's come to take out the trash! Susan looks over at him, and he raises his hand in greeting. Susan waves some leftovers at him, and then she wrinkles her brow in thought. Easy, Susan, don't hurt yourself! After standing there, flapping her arms for a few minutes, she turns and scuttles over to Mike's house. As usual, Mike opens the door within two nanoseconds of Susan's knock, proving once again that Mike is a crazy man who lives in his foyer. Susan excitedly informs him that Zana is back! Mike, who's known the news for days, is underwhelmed by her announcement. Susan: "Well...that's great, isn't it?" Mike agrees with a very lackluster "yeah." Susan is confused. Isn't Zana's return what Mike so yearned for? Mike explains that Paul's return has interrupted Mike's plan, which was to slowly, surely get to know Zana, and then, once the time was ripe, tell his son the truth about the loins from which the lad sprang (i.e., Mike's). And CreePaul, Mike tells Susan, has "threatened to tell the police about everything that happened the desert." And since CreePaul isn't an ex-con, and Mike is, CreePaul's word is more believable than Mike's. Susan is very sad for Mike and his predicament, and she looks deep into his eyes and tells him how, despite her running Zana off, she really wants Mike and Zana to connect. And she totally means it! The Wisteria Lane "music of sincerity" told me so. Mike and Susan exchange a warm little moment. All and all, it's a markedly sweeter exchange than we've been used to as of late (up until now, Mike's been throwing gutter trash at Susan's head whenever she tries to talk to him). I guess they're all made up now? Or something? Continuity be damned!

Inside, CreePaul is going over Zana's reading-list options. Apparently, Zana's getting home-schooled now. And they do their studying in the middle of the night. (Either that, or Bree's makeout party broke up very, very early.) Zana's choices are The Old Man And the Sea, The Pearl, and Much Ado about Nothing. CreePaul is very chipper about these reading choices, but sullen Zana is less than thrilled. Unfazed, CreePaul selects The Pearl: "It's got a sad ending, but it's good." CreePaul does some more rah-rahing about home-schooling, but Zana remains sullenly silent. CreePaul: "Okay, I know this isn't what you want, but I need to keep you close to me, just for a while. There's [sic] people in this neighborhood that aren't thrilled that we're back, people I don't trust." "People like...Mike Delfino?" Zana suggests. CreePaul feigns surprise, and Zana explains that Mrs. Tillman said that Mike took CreePaul away to kill him. (And speaking of which, aren't the police at all concerned about the reappearance of the boy that brutally beat Felicia with a hockey stick?) CreePaul: "That's ridiculous. Why would Mike want to kill me?" Zana: "Because you murdered Mrs. Huber?" (Oh yeah! I guess the police have totally given up on that investigation, too. You know, I'm beginning to think the Fairview police department is a drug front.) CreePaul is all "WHAT did you say?" Zana explains that Mrs. Tillman also said something about how CreePaul murdered her sister, Mrs. Huber, because Mrs. Huber was blackmailing Mary Alice. CreePaul asks Zana if he believed any of Felicia's claptrap, and Zana says that he doesn't, not really. CreePaul tells Zana that, as the person who knows CreePaul best, he more than anyone knows that CreePaul is no murderer. Zana: "Of course, I didn't think mom was capable of suicide either." CreePaul: "On second thought, why don't we start with Much Ado About Nothing? I think we could use a few laughs around here."

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