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One More Kiss

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One More Kiss

Over at the House of Barely Concealed Gay, Bree peeks out the curtains and sees Andrew and Justin kissing each other goodnight. Awww. Bree's eyes boggle, and the empty champagne glass in her hand shatters.

Cut to Bree, sitting at the coffee table and pouring herself another huge glass of white wine as Andrew finally makes his way inside. Bree immediately lights into him. Andrew: "Somebody's angry. What, did one of your soufflés fall?" Bree, in very hushed tones, informs Andrew that she saw what he did! Andrew: "Oh! And you didn't turn into a pillar of salt? Good for you!" Bree hisses about the neighbors, and what if they saw? Andrew: "I'd hope they'd think I landed a hottie." Which is kind of cute. But Bree starts in about her "values" and how Andrew isn't to "mock" them while living under her roof: "You so much as smile at that boy, and so help me I will ship you off to Camp Hennessy and I will not pick you up until you're eighteen." Which, considering how Andrew has already finished his senior year of high school (I think?), should be pretty much any day now. Bree stalks off toward the stairs, and Andrew picks up the wine bottle from the coffee table and waggles it at her: "Aren't you forgetting something?" He urges her to take the whole bottle, saying he knows how much she likes the sauce. Andrew: "I know, of the two of us, I'm the one who doesn't judge." Oooh. And also: Bree has a drinking problem?

Matthew is locking up the dungeon when suddenly Caleb, who I guess is only sporadically manacled, appears at the door ands pleads with Matthew to let him go. (Hey! Caleb speaks!) Clearly saddened, Matthew mutters that he's sorry, and locks the door just as Betty comes down the stairs, which are now, suddenly, very, very creaky. Betty bounces on one of the rickety stairs and tells Matthew that she thinks they might have termites, and that he had better check out the stairs before somebody gets hurt (duh duh duhhhh). Matthew tells Betty how Caleb, like George Michael, really wants his freedom. He angrily tells Betty that they're "being cruel" to Caleb. Betty shakes her finger at Matthew and tells him that, if he cares so much, he should spend "less time on his computer" and more time hanging out in the dungeon with Caleb, which for some reason I find weirdly funny.

Cut to inside the cell. Caleb, who is wearing a very purple shirt, has his ear pressed to the door. We hear Betty, muffled, yelling to Matthew that Caleb will be allowed upstairs once they're sure it's "safe."

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