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One More Kiss

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One More Kiss

Julie and Susan walk up to Mike, who's lying on his back, working under his truck. Susan leans down and yells "Hi!" at him, and he startles and bangs his head painfully. Oh Susan! Susan gives her patent wince-and-"sorry," and Mike rolls out from under the truck and asks what's up. Susan: "We have an idea how to bring you and Zach together: bowling!" Oh god. Apparently Julie has "emailed Zach," and he's going to meet them there, and Mike should totally come! Mike asks if CreePaul knows, and Susan slyly reveals that he does not. Mike expresses some reluctance, which is very sane of him, but Susan talks him into it, explaining that since she's "part of" the reason things got so "screwed up" (only "part"?), she "just wants a chance to make thing right." Mike, still full of doubt, asks Julie if she's comfortable with this. Julie: "We talked to him. He's changed." Again I say: she knows this after just one teeny, weensy conversation? Mike: "Well, I guess we're...going bowling!" Susan and Julie and Mike laugh. Man, what a terrible idea. And speaking of terrible ideas...

...Bree, standing with a tray of juice and fruit and croissants, knocks on Andrew's bedroom door: "Wake up, sleepyhead! I brought fresh croissants for breakfast!" And then, after waiting maybe three seconds for a response, she just...opens the door! Surprise! It's an apparently naked Andrew lying in a tangle of blankets with an apparently naked Justin. Justin's eye flashes open and Bree takes a huge, scream-prep breath (but somehow manages not to drop her tray), and Justin sits up abruptly and, after adjusting the blankets to make sure that his nethers are covered, introduces himself as Andrew's "lab partner." Then Justin punches Andrew, who's somehow still asleep. Bree hisses that she wants to see Andrew downstairs. Justin looks horrified, but Andrew smiles a very self-thrilled little smile.

Downstairs, Bree orders Andrew to kick Justin out, but Andrew just makes a smarmy little quip about how they haven't even had breakfast yet. Bree, who is pretty frantic, threatens to "call the police and have [Justin] removed." Just the opening Andrew was waiting for! How will the police react, he wonders (his face a mask of fake concern), when they discover that Bree killed George? Startled, Bree denies killing George. Andrew: "No, but you sat there and let him die, which...I'm no lawyer, but I'm pretty sure there's a crime in there somewhere." Andrew assures her that, while he's glad she let George die, when the cops arrive, his "official position" will be (and here he raises his voice in mock panic) "'Oh my god, I'm being raised by a homicidal maniac!'" He even threatens to "throw in a few tears." Bree, near tears herself: "You would actually let the police arrest your own mother?" Andrew: "Hey, we all gotta cut the apron strings at some point." I'm guessing Bree's wishing she spanked Andrew more as a kid, or at the very least let him take the fall way back when he ran down Mama Solis.

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