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One Wonderful Day

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One Wonderful Day

Previously on Desperate Housewives: Oh, just an entire season's worth of misunderstanding, misery, and murder!

MAVO: "My name is Mary Alice Young, and before I died, my life was filled with love, laughter, friendship, and, sadly, secrets." We see a framed photo of all the Desperates, including Mary Angela, clumped together in a big group hug. "The secrets had begun fifteen years earlier when my name was Angela Forest and I was living a life of quiet desperation." Flashback to Angela taking out a very ominous bag of trash. "I'd feel it every morning as I made breakfast for my husband." Mary Angela sashays out of the kitchen hefting two truly glorious plates stacked high with pancakes -- I'm guessing that back when she was still alive, Mary Angela gave Bree a real run for her housekeeper-of-the-year money. "And during the errands I ran in the afternoon." We see Mary Angela tipping the bag boy at the grocery store. "Even at my work every evening." Mary Angela walks into some kind of medical facility, wearing those terrible, terrible patterned scrubs that so sadly have taken the place of the awesome zip-up A-line nurse dresses of yesteryear. A younger-looking Felicia with unexpected Nancy Reagan hair is chatting with another woman about an image found in a calendar that they're both examining. The woman wonders if the photo was taken in the area? "Oh no," Felicia says, "that's way out in Fairview. I have family there." You know, just passing the time, chit-chatting about real estate calendars! Could anyone possibly be that boring? To have to resort to calendars? ["No wonder Mary Angela was so desperate." -- Wing Chun] MAVO: "To me, each day was grey and meaningless. And then one day, there was color." Back to the night of Mary Angela and the ominous bag of garbage. Mary Angela is bringing out the trash when she runs into a sunken-eyed, red-nosed Deirdre, who is doing the patented junkie "twitch and scratch" dance. She is also carrying a baby. "Deirdre, what are you doing here?" Angela asks. Deirdre: "I need some money."

Inside the house, Angela gives Deirdre a glass of water as CreePaul hovers nervously in the background. Angela notes that Deirdre is back on the drugs again, which doesn't exactly take a rehab technician to observe because seriously, Deirdre is not behaving even slightly normal in this scene, and yet still she denies that she's using, insisting that she just needs cash to feed her baby. "If the baby's hungry," Mary Angela offers, "we can go to the market and I'll buy food." Deirdre yells that she can shop for her own baby! She then snaps a "quiet!" at the mildly squawking baby -- who is very cute, by the way, all big-eyed and footy-pajama-ed. Then Deirdre tries to sell Mary Angela her watch. CreePaul tells her sternly that Mary Angela is not giving her any money. "Do you mind?" Deirdre yells at CreePaul; then immediately she downshifts to wheedling, saying that in rehab, Mary Angela was the only one who treated Deirdre like a person. Mary Angela holds firm and tries to show Deirdre the door. Deirdre blurts, "I'll sell you my baby." Wow, you'd think there'd be some intermediary step between trying to sell her watch and trying to sell her baby -- a car maybe? Sexual favors? Deirdre: "I heard you talking, and I know you can't have your own. It's been killing you." Appalled, Paul tries again to get Deirdre to leave, but she argues that it's for Dana's sake, and that the baby will be better off. And to prove the point, she hushes the baby again in a very edgy, I'm-about-to-snap kind of way. To CreePaul's shock, and Deirdre's excitement, Mary Angela actually begins to consider the offer. Deirdre asks how much money they have in the house, and slowly Mary Angela closes the door.

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