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One Wonderful Day

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One Wonderful Day

Lynette is sitting at the table, waiting for Tom to return from Pleasure Island. He walks in, unkempt, untucked, and with the last dregs of a huge bag of kettle korn in hand. He looks tired and sick, and if you've ever eaten that much kettle korn, which is pretty much impossible to avoid once you take that first handful, then you know exactly how he feels. Lynette asks him if he had a fun day, and Tom laughs that, as a matter of fact, he did: "Probably had the most fun that I've had a long time." Lynette reminds him that she never told him to quit, and Tom agrees, but on the other hand she did make sure that his career went nowhere for the next twenty years. Lynette: "I don't know what to say." Tom: "I hear 'please forgive me' is popular." Hoo, hee! Lynette says that yes, she is sorry, and that she didn't want to hurt Tom, she just wanted to protect the family, and that the traveling he'd have been doing if he'd actually landed that promotion would have meant that they never would have seen him. Tom: "You're right, you're right. That promotion would have just killed us. And this," he stops to give her back a robust and possibly sarcastic rubdown, "is going to all work out!" It's all going to work out because Tom's decided that Lynette is going to go back to work and he's going to be a stay-at-home dad. Lynette thinks that's crazy, but Tom argues that both of them know she's better at the "ad game" than he is, and that she's always complained about how hard it is to be a mom. Lynette makes a good show of it by saying, "Yes it is hard, but I love it too, and I've been doing it for six years, and I haven't complained...the entire time." Tom: "Fair enough. But be honest: secretly you miss the ad game, dontcha? You miss the pressure, and the deadlines, and the power lunches." As Tom says this, Lynette's face slowly lights up. She admits that may be so, but they need to do some long, hard considering before they decide. "I already made the decision," Tom says brightly. "You're going back to work." He gets up from the table and we get a long, lingering shot of Lynette, looking as though she's getting probed in some new, alien way, and the sensation isn't half bad.

Susan and Zana are still sitting in Mike's house, waiting for Mike to return. Susan looks pretty exhausted, and I'm guessing that they've been stuck there for hours and hours by now (then again, who really knows what "time" it is on Wisteria Lane). Susan: "Can I at least get you something to eat, Zach?" Zana -- who's sitting there, petting worst-guard-dog-ever Bongo -- thinks he might like a soda. They go into the kitchen, and Susan tells Zana that she thinks he's making a mistake -- that Mike couldn't kill anybody, that maybe this is all a big misunderstanding. "All a big misunderstanding"? Is she referring to how this show started off with such promise but then, in just one, aimless season, it frittered away its momentum and let its characters stagnate and basically revealed that it has no there there at all? Oh. No, Susan was just talking about the big misunderstanding that is Mike. Susan wonders if waving a gun around is really what Zana's mother would want him doing, and Zana concedes that it probably isn't. Susan tells Zana that she knows he's been through a lot, losing his mother, plus all the guilt over what happened with his baby sister. Zana: "I never had a baby sister!" Susan tells him in soothing, sympathetic tones that she knows all about Dana. "How stupid are you?" Zana yells. The very same question I've been asking Susan this whole season! Crazy Zana and I are simpatico. "I'm Dana!" Zana yells. "My mother was some junkie, they stole me and changed my name. They have been lying to me my entire life. Everyone lies to me!" Zana throws his soda down in a giant, carbonated cascade. "My mother, my father, Mrs. Tilman, even Julie. Do you know how much that hurts?" Susan tries to get Zana to calm down, maybe sit a spell so they can talk. "WHY? SO YOU CAN LIE TO ME ALSO?" Lie to me..."also"? "lie to me TOO" would have tripped off the tongue a little less awkwardly, but clearly Zana is too hopping mad to stick to the safety of more typical choices. Zana shakes the gun in Susan's face, and Susan looks understandably worried. They stand there, frozen like that, for a few seconds, and then zany Zana gets himself under control again and says in a quieter voice, "No more talking."

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