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One Wonderful Day

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One Wonderful Day

Mike parks his truck in a deserted desert-scape that looks not unlike the adopted home of Luke Skywalker. He yanks CreePaul out of the back of the truck, grabs a shovel, and then tears off Paul's duct-tape gag. Immediately, CreePaul starts with the verbal tap dance: he's not sure how or why Mike cares so much about Mrs. Huber, but "she ruined lives for fun." Mike tells CreePaul, "this isn't about [Mrs. Huber]," and then sets a puzzled CreePaul a-marching.

Over at the hospital, Dr. Craig is babbling about Rex's potassium levels. Doctor: "Remember when we first tested you, your potassium levels were a bit high?" Rex: "Yes, you made me stop eating bananas." Doctor: "But as we've continued testing, it's kept climbing. We've now run an entire battery of tests, and your kidney function is fine. It has to be something you're ingesting." I'm not at all sure what I was supposed to get out of that exchange. I guess kidney function plus high potassium levels equals dirty pool? Somehow? (It has since been explained to me that excessive potassium in the body is often the fault of malfunctioning kidneys, and since Rex's kidneys are doing fine, the potassium is therefore must be coming from some sinister external source. Also I'm an idiot.) More importantly, why is this only getting noticed now? When Rex went to see Dr. Craig just a few days ago, the doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong, but if those potassium levels have been climbing all along, then surely they were detectable just a few days before? Anyway, anyway, anyway! Rex asks to look at his chart, and what he sees "can't be right." The doctor asks, gently, just who exactly has been preparing Rex's meals? Rex gives a hey-wait-just-a-second look, and the doctor asks if it isn't true that there have been some marital problems? Plus the "incident at a salad bar," when Bree purposely fed Rex onions despite full knowledge that Rex was allergic to them. Rex looks deeply perturbed, but tells the doctor in a small voice, "That was an accident." The doctor emphasizes that Rex has got to be getting that potassium from somewhere. Rex tells the doctor to get out, but to leave the chart so that he can read it again. The doctor makes a reluctant exit, and Rex takes a closer look at the chart, and for a second I start to hope that maybe he's finally going to figure it out, finally make the connection that the disgusting pharmacist that covets his wife is also the disgusting pharmacist who fills his prescriptions. The scene ends with Rex looking pensive, and also like utter hell. Between Rex and Junkie Deirdre, I'm guessing they burned through more than one pot of "dark circle" eye makeup.

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