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Bree and Orson are divvying up the stuff in their house -- or rather, Bree is, while Orson sits and looks miserable and begs her to forgive him. He offers to do anything to prove how sorry he is, and Bree says all Orson has to do is turn himself in and go to prison. But since that's the one thing Orson isn't willing to do, he ends up leaving again. Bree's expressions are quite moving and heartbreaking, which is why it's so irritating to listen to Mary Alice faff on about how this was just a cynical play for Bree to keep some pewter cat. Shut up, Mary Alice.

Gabby and Carlos are taking on a renter by the name of Ellie, played by Justine Bateman. She claims to be an art student, and after five minutes of watching to Gabby and Carlos bicker, she hands over the first and last month's rent in cash. Obviously we must be immediately suspicious.

Tom and Lynette have figured out how to punish the twins for arson: make them do extra, extra chores. Tom doesn't think they're handling this right and maybe the kids should have, you know, some therapy or something, but Lynette won't hear of it. "Fine, we'll try it your way," Tom sighs, before assigning his own household jobs to the little miscreants. Might as well get something out of losing the argument.

A sweatshirted Susan and her giant chimichanga get dropped off at Lamaze class by Julie, because Mike's got some "rehab thing" tonight. No sooner has Julie left than she comes rushing back in to say that she just ran into Karl and his new girlfriend in the hallway, "And there's something you should know." Somehow, sitting in a Lamaze class, Susan doesn't get the clue until Karl walks in with his hot, blond, young new wife, who is sporting short-shorts and a prominent baby-bump. "One more thing -- they're married," Julie adds before scampering off. Karl comes over and is rather smarmily rude to Susan about his and his wife's perfect life, before leaving Susan to her Mexican mess.

Dylan is heading out for a "date," and when she protests Katherine's school-night curfew of 10 o'clock, Katherine offers to be a bit more flexible if only she can meet this guy Dylan's going out with. Oh, Katherine, you already met him once, from what I understand, and you didn't seem to care for it. Suddenly 10 sounds just fine to Dylan, and she heads out to meet her dad. Or at least the guy being played by Gary Cole who claims to be her dad. Taking nothing for granted here.

At bedtime, after being totally rude to Carlos for being blind and therefore unable to tell her where her nail file is, Gabby goes to Ellie's room to ask to borrow one. Except she kind of forgets about the nail file when she sees there's a guy with a suit in Ellie's bedroom. Gabby blows it off, but goes right back to Carlos to report that this is the second guy she's seen in or exiting Ellie's room tonight. "So we have two tramps living in the house," Carlos says, getting his little revenge. Hearing the front door close, Gabby decides to go to apologize to her , but thinks better of it when she sees Ellie coming up the stairs, counting a sheaf of cash. Before Ellie sees her, Gabby ducks back into the bedroom and reports that only one of the tramps in the house is getting paid. Advantage: Gabby.

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