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Where's Skippy?

Inside, Ellie is pretty upset, and when Gabby asks her what's really going on with the guys and the money, Ellie confesses that she's been doing some freelance tattooing, trying to earn enough money to open her own shop. She offers to move out, but Gabby decides to let it go, as long as Ellie forgives her. Ellie does, and they're all good again. But as soon as Elle goes upstairs, she yanks a credenza drawer open and drops her stuff in, leaving the drawer open so we can get a good look at the massive stash of drugs inside. Oh, my God, I'm shocked; Gabby can't be keeping a boarder who leaves drawers open like that.

Bree drops by Edie's house to thank her for taking care of Orson the night before, and also to ask whether he said when he was coming back to get his car. Edie offers to let Bree ask him herself, after he gets out of the shower. She makes it clear that Orson slept on her couch, but Bree still politely freaks out, saying she's so not cool with this. Rather offended at Bree's tone, Edie asks Bree what she's getting at, and Bree brings up Edie's history with Carlos, Mike, and Karl. Hey, be fair; she's left Tom alone so far, right? Edie informs Bree that she's not into Orson -- "That would be like having sex with PBS" -- but now she's decided to let Orson stay as long as he likes, just to show Bree a thing or two. "Think of our friendship!" Bree flusters. This takes Edie about two seconds before she closes the door in Bree's face.

Tom and Lynette are having the predictable fight about Lynette's attempted Kayla-shrinking. Kayla, in turn, smugly grins at them before going outside with an umbrella. Seeing that the twins have their back to her, Kayla opens the umbrella and jumps off the front porch, claiming that she just used it as a parachute to jump off the roof and they should give it a try. But then she "remembers" that they're in trouble, says, "Never mind," and goes back inside, leaving the open umbrella on the sidewalk like the invitation it is. Inside, Tom and Lynette are still yelling at and over each other, yet somehow they're able to hear Preston hitting the pavement outside and hollering in pain. They rush outside to find him lying on the sidewalk with a hurt wrist and an umbrella nearby, and his brother still up on the roof. Oh, jeez, that roof isn't that high. Wuss. Tom yells at Porter to come down, and they rush Preston to the hospital while Mrs. McC runs over to watch the other kids so both parents can go. As they pull out, Lynette's the only one who sees Kayla looking smugly at her from the front porch. Well, Kayla has clearly learned her lesson, right?

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