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Where's Skippy?

Susan's back at Lamaze class without Mike, and Karl's there without his wife too. We won't get to see him practicing pushing by himself, alas. He mocks her for a bit, until she finally, pathetically, folds and confesses all her problems and fears and insecurities to him. Poor showing, Susan. But Karl takes pity on her, understanding that she doesn't want to have another kid with another unreliable guy like himself. He even says that Mike will be there for her in a way that Karl never was. Aw. That's not the payoff I was expecting, but I guess we can always find out that his "wife" is in fact his landlord's daughter and he's doing this for a break on rent or something next week.

Mrs. McC is looking for Ida's cat, going door-to-door. The door in this case is Katherine's. Bree is also there, offering to help look as soon as they're done there. After Mrs. McC leaves, Bree and Katherine talk a bit about Bree's situation with Orson, as Bree admits that she'll probably let him come home eventually. Katherine doesn't know what Orson did (and doesn't even ask), but she coldly warns Bree, "Some men say they're going to change, but they can't." Wow, it's almost as if she's speaking from experience. Dylan comes down, ready for another "date" and acting all coy with Katherine about this boy she's seeing that she doesn't know of she likes yet. Bree wants to get back to work, but Katherine wants to blow work off for tonight. "I just need to go spy on my daughter," she breezes. Which of course is something Bree can help with: "The key is to keep one car between hers and yours at all times. Have fun."

Wayne and Dylan are at dinner, and he suggests telling Katherine the truth. "That way I could tell your mom how sorry I am," he says. "Maybe she could at least see I've changed." He makes a big show of leaving it up to Dylan, and she takes his hand. Which is what Katherine sees from outside the restaurant window, as she considers how exactly to flip shit in this particular situation.

Orson is ready to leave Edie's house for a new hotel room in Mount Pleasant, but she offers to let him stay another night and make her another martini and, presumably, ogle her in her glam hair and makeup and dress that's a bit fancy for an evening in. As he wrangles the shaker, Edie asks what's up with him and Bree and when Orson says Bree can't forgive him for a mistake he made, she thinks Bree is too unforgiving. She asks if he's sorry, and when he says he is, she calls him worthy. That almost starts him crying, and they have a tender moment that ends in a drunken kiss. Wisely, they think better of it, and Edie gets up to close the drapes to Orson can go to sleep on the couch again. But Bree, outside cradling Ida's cat who she must have found in Edie's bushes, doesn't hear that, and drops the cat in shock.

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Desperate Housewives




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