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Where's Skippy?

Dylan has decided to come clean with Katherine. Since she already knows that Wayne's back, she's not exactly shocked, which allows her to pretend to be cool with it. It's totally unconvincing, but it's still more than enough to fool Dylan. Even though Katherine's hands are hidden behind the kitchen counter. "Can I go get him, then?" the idiot child asks. When she comes back in with Wayne, Katherine asks Dylan to go upstairs so they can catch up. She does, even though Katherine's hands are still out of view. Wayne makes a little small talk before plowing in and telling he's changed. We finally see Katherine's hands, which are just kneading dough. The gun must be hidden inside somehow. She keeps kneading as she says she's changed too; she's not scared of him any more, and indeed, she's the scary one as she runs down his list of past abuses. He's kind of slowly coming around the counter, ambiguously asking if she's trying to make him mad. But then he decides to back off, apologizing for springing this on her and saying goodnight. As he leaves, Katherine finally lets her face move, and she closes the open kitchen drawer next to her -- the one with the gun in it. Oh, good -- hiding a gun in dough is not a reliable technique.

As Ida's cat finally comes home to Mrs. McC, Mary Alice talks about how letting people into or house means letting them into your life, with all their attendant secrets. Meanwhile, Gabby and Ellie say goodnight; Lynette and Tom close Kayla's bedroom door at night, yet unwisely fail to weld it shut afterwards; Orson and Edie share some more martinis; And Wayne drives away from his parking spot in front of Katherine's house, as Mary Alice warns us that some of the people we allow into our homes may refuse to leave. Jesus, Mary Alice, he just left. Do try to keep up.

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Desperate Housewives




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