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Back at home, Nick asks Angie what that was all about, and Angie scoffs, "What do you think?" He tells her she doesn't care about that stuff anymore, and she says of course she does. He says fine, but don't blow their cover. Angie wonders what she's supposed to do: stand back and watch her "defile our planet"? I have a piece of advice: Don't watch! Live your own life. Nick tells her that is exactly what she's supposed to do. Angie: "Sometimes you chain yourself to the tree, and sometimes you go after the guy with the saw. That's what Patrick used to say." Um, I'm sorry, is that not a wood house with wood floors and a wood banister you're living in, crazy tree-hugging ecoterrorist lady? Anyway, Patrick is, of course, scary Patrick Logan. Nick reminds Angie we don't talk about Patrick anymore. Angie: "I'm just saying." Nick, threateningly: "So am I."

Double D's. Karl's business partner tells Susan that once she signs, she's officially bought out of the strip club business. She hopes her share isn't in singles. Business partner gives Susan a T-shirt to remember them by. It says, "Lap dancing... It's a Grind." She'll be sure to wear it on her next school field trip (or, you know, to school would be just as funny). As Susan's leaving, she sees a stripper (It's Rita! And Darla!) reading Moby Dick. After a non-joke about the title, they discuss literature and life. Susan says she's a teacher (but isn't she an assistant? Or am I forgetting a promotion?), and Stripper Rita says she thought about being a teacher, too, but her family had money problems, so here she is. Just then, a skeevy guy requests her in the VIP room. She makes it clear to Susan he's bad news by making a comment about his breath -- as if it wasn't clear by him being there in the middle of the day paying a girl for the VIP treatment. Susan tells Stripper Rita she doesn't need to keep doing this if it makes her unhappy. She says she can do anything she wants, and it's never too late to change her life. Stripper Rita is beckoned by her boss, and she thanks Susan, takes her copy of Moby Dick (she uses it to whack grabby customers), and leaves.

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