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Couples therapy. Tom and Lynette tell Jane Leeves a story about how someone cut Tom off in traffic, and he was pissed, but when they got to the stoplight and Lynette told the guy off, Tom was all, "Sorry. She's just having a bad day." They argue about it, and Jane interrupts that Tom was driving, and whether he chose to ignore it or run the man off the road was his decision. She asks Lynette to let him be in the driver's seat, literally and figuratively. Lynette: "Bringing the score to 'Tom 4, Controlling bitch 0.' " Jane says there's no scoreboard in this room, but I'm not totally buying that based on what we've seen. Jane excuses them; in the lobby, Tom feels good but Lynette doesn't and wants to consider a different therapist. Then he has to go back in since he forgot his keys, and hears Jane talking about a dress rehearsal on the phone. He asks about it, and she tells him that she's in Antony and Cleopatra this weekend. She tells him she has a gift that she just dabbles in.

Gaby rings Angie's bell. She needs Ana to baby-sit, and she's not answering her cell. Angie invites her in, and is all casual about the fact Danny and Ana are up in his room. She says they were playing the music too loud so she asked them to close the door. She believes in saving the planet, but not preventing teenage pregnancy, I guess? Gaby's like, "Just a couple of teenagers alone with their genitals," and starts hollering for Ana, who says, "Hang on. I'm coming." Angie: "I'm sure she meant she's on her way." Ana comes out and says the way Gaby was screaming, she thought the house was on fire. She goes back to get her stuff, and Angie and Gaby discuss: Gaby's worried they're having sex, but Angie thinks they're healthy, red-blooded kids who will do whatever they're going to do. Angie suggests getting Ana birth control, but Gaby thought Juanita and Celia were enough. I find it pretty hard to believe that the girl who was using guys to get things hasn't had sex yet. I guess she was just a tease?

Hodge Home. Bree spies on Orson's computer and finds a suicide note. He wheels in and she confronts him about it, asking if it's a suicide note. He says it's more a suicide rough draft. He didn't mean for her to find out like this, but at least now they can discuss it like adults. She thinks this is his depression, and they'll get him medication. She forbids him from killing himself, and will be with him 24 hours a day if she has to. Orson: "Well, being bored to death isn't how I was planning to go..." Then he tells her he'll give her time to adjust, but it's going to happen. Couldn't he make it a murder-suicide and put them both out of our misery? Commercials.

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