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Therapy. Lynette's basically ignoring everything Jane tells her about how to treat Tom. Jane asks if something's bothering her, and Tom says it's just the pregnancy, but Jane pushes and says she's safe here and they can tell each other anything. So Lynette tells Jane they saw her play the other night and they didn't know what to say, since they didn't really like it. Jane tries to say their Antony was dreadful, but Lynette says she was talking about her: She wasn't good, and now Lynette's lost confidence in her as a therapist. Jane asks her to elaborate, but Lynette doesn't feel the need to. Jane says it's the coward's way out, just like in her marriage, not to elaborate. So Lynette elaborates about how much Jane sucked (only she really just says that over and over instead of telling her what actually sucked about it). Jane commends Lynette's honesty, but says the newspaper called her "incandescent." Lynette's like, "Oh my God, this is why we can't see her anymore." Tom just looks on sheepishly, so Jane asks what he thought. He says she was great, and Lynette calls him a liar. Jane says there's no reason to bully him into agreeing. Lynette says she wouldn't have to bully him if he would man up for once. Jane says Lynette's attacking, and Lynette says of course, because she's always the bad cop and he's the good cop. He says of course he's the good cop; someone has to be, because bad cop-bad cop doesn't work. He grew up with that, and it doesn't work. Lynette says Tom likes being the good guy, and she'd love to be that sometime, but when something difficult has to happen, he steps aside and lets her deal with it, because good cop-good cop doesn't work either. Tom thinks about it for a second, then says, "You're right." Lynette: "Really?" He says he likes to be liked, so he defers a lot of ugly stuff to Lynette. He apologizes, then turns to Jane and says, "Your performance was aggressively bad. At one point, during the second act, I started to choke on a mint and thought about not fighting it." I love that they had a breakthrough here, but it better carry through to future episodes. Lynette tells Jane she's an amazing therapist, and Jane kicks them out. Apparently she's the one who can't take people pointing out her flaws.

Gaby and Carlos are crossing Wisteria with a plate of cookies. He's wondering why they have to apologize after catching their son on top of our niece, and Gaby points out the whole violence thing. He tries to take a cookie and she slaps his hand. As they approach the Bolens' door, they hear yelling. It's Nick, screaming, "What the hell is wrong with you?" Carlos and Gaby thinks he's yelling at Danny, but then they hear him say, "Angie," and hear her yell back. They agree they should go, but they lean in to listen and start eating the cookies. Nick brings up Mrs. Kinsky's recycling, and says she's thinking about suing them. Angie admits she lost her cool, and he tells her to get it back, "because this rock we're hiding under is not that big, and if people start poking around... we're done!" Carlos and Gaby's eyes go wide. And finally they get to be part of the "A" plot. I never thought I'd say this back when she joined the show, but thank God for Ana.

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Desperate Housewives




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