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Pretty Little Picture

MAVO: Susan is naked and locked out. Yeah, thanks. I'm right here. Susan holds the plant in front of her goodies and side-steps across the lawn and into the back yard. Where she finds that her back door is also locked. She sighs, sets down the plant, and tries a window. She leans over for leverage...and falls right into the shrubbery. "Lying naked in the shrubs, it occurred to Susan that this could be the most humiliating moment of her life," MAVO says.

Cue Mysterious Mike. "Susan?" he asks. MAVO: "She was wrong." Mike chivalrously directs his next question to the sky. "Whatcha doing?" he asks. "Locked myself out," Susan says. "Naked." Mike sort of nods. "Oh," he says, directing this to the side of the house. "And then I fell. So, how are you?" Susan asks, crossing her legs coquettishly. Hee. "Good. I just got back," he says, and explains that he was gone all day and he just got her messages about dinner. She left three messages in one day? Oh, Susan. You need to read The Rules. I'm sure KimberBree has a copy. He'd love to come, if he still can. "It's a date!" Susan bats her lashes. "Great. I assume the dress is...casual..." Mike says to a nearby tree, barely keeping from cracking up. "Yeah. It's casual," she says. Poor Susan. Mike strolls off, and she buries her head in the bush and moans. That scene was so charmingly done between the two of them, I can overlook what a cliché the old Naked and Locked Out of the House thing is.

Night. Mike and Susan walk over to KimberBree's. Susan thanks Mike for helping her break into the house. She wonders how hard it will be to "replace that screen." Mike thinks about this and finally notes that if she decides to nail it back in herself, she should probably wear gloves, "or pants." Susan smirks and says that while she knows this is all funny in theory, she doesn't think she's ready to joke about it: "So please, no jokes." KimberBree opens the door. "Hey, where've you been?" she asks. "Oh, Susan had trouble finding something to wear," Mike says, twisting his mouth up, so as not to laugh. Susan elbows him. "Oh, is that what you meant?" he asks. This is the first episode that I've seen any chemistry between them. Of course, it's also only the third episode. But I thought Susan gave up on wooing him, due to his poor dead wife.

Inside, Lynette is talking to Gay Matt on the phone, pretending to be surprised that their kids are jumping off the walls. For a casual dinner, why is she wearing a full-length white gown? I know she never gets to go anywhere, but please. Also, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO MORE CHOKER. ["Isn't it just a cocktail dress?" -- Wing Chun] Gabrielle limps in scene. She explains that she went jogging and pushed herself too hard. "You're probably just wearing the wrong shoes," Susan offers. "Yeah, that thought did cross my mind," Gabrielle offers. Another very funny line delivery from Eva Longoria.

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