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on from red to yellow. He tells her how hot she'll look in a yellow room. He tells her she has other options, and she looks at him seductively (or as seductively as Marcia Cross can contort her botoxed face) and says, "Maybe I do."

Lee confronts Paul for not disclosing who he was when he rented to him, but Paul says he's about to throw more business his way. He hears his old house is back on the market, and he'd like to buy it. He asks what they're asking for it. Lee doesn't think signing a one-year lease on one place and buying another sounds like a good plan. Paul ominously says he's been working on this plan for ten years, so Lee can trust him: It's a good one.

MAVO picks back up: When bad news arrives, she says, we have to find a way to deal with it. Bree picks up her paper and watches her Hot Handyman project walk by. Susan dusts in her panties to earn some extra cash. Carlos and Gaby have a silent meal of secrets together. MAVO: "But we must remember: The bad news that's delivered can sometimes be good news in disguise." In her jail cell, Felicia's looking at a newspaper clipping about Paul's release. Her cellmate tells her he looks like a killer, and it's a shame they let him out. Felicia says it's all for the best, because Paul can now receive the punishment he's entitled to: He'll be dead within six months. Cellmate asks how she can do that since she's in here at least two years. Felicia: "Paul Young doesn't have friends on that street." And, with a batshit giggle, "I do."

Next time: It gets hot and heavy between Bree and Hot Handyman. Susan gets good at her sexy job. Tom has a crush on Renee or something, so Lynette wants her out of her marriage. Announcer guy says a housewife will be stopped dead in her tracks. Someone's hit by a car, and then we see a body bag. Must be Katherine, right? Carlos tells a concerned-looking Gaby that he has to tell her something.

DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, is looking forward to Vanessa Williams as the new Edie. You can contact her at

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