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Down at the nuthatch, Bree is in her room, checking her messages on her cell phone. (Hey, I thought Dr. Barr was going to take away all of her belongings.) There's a message from Betty, warning her that Matthew's the real murderer and Danielle's in danger. Bree immediately swings into super mama-bear mode, packing her bags and heading for the door. But Dr. Barr is waiting for her, along with two muscular orderlies. Bree wiggles and bucks against the orderlies, and then screams something frantic about how her "daughter is in danger!" Dr. Barr: "Something happened at cheerleading camp?" Ha! Bree breathily admits that the whole cheerleading camp thing was a "fib," and that Danielle actually ran away from home with a "boy, and the boy is a murderer." Dr. Barr, with calm disbelief: "A murderer?" Bree senses that the good doctor perhaps doesn't believe this new story, and frankly, she does come off as completely crazy in this scene, though perhaps Dr. Barr is a tad too in love with his power here? Barr warmly invites her to come into his office for a chat, and she slaps his hand away. "I don't have time for therapy you QUACK!" Wow, she is on edge in this scene. She turns and tries to make another break for it, but the orderlies hold her back. With the hoarse cry of the truly crazy, Bree screams that they can't do this to her, she admitted herself to the hospital voluntarily! (There was a great deal of back-and-forth about this in the boards, but the general consensus seems to be that, while policies probably differ from state to state, when it comes to padded lodgings, checking in is a whole lot easier than checking out -- at the very least, it takes a few days of evaluation and paperwork.) A nurse arrives with a big, huge, terrifying sleepy-time needle. And nighty-night Bree.

Zana, post grandfather-icide, is skipping rocks down at the family pond. butler?...arrives to inform Zana that Noah is dead and all of this fine estate now belongs to Zana. Zana's phone rings; it's CreePaul, wondering if Noah came through with the money. Zana tells him that Noah refused to hand over the money. CreePaul, exasperated, commands Zana to go back and make Noah change his mind. Zana, rather cocky and power-drunk, says he's pretty sure that Noah won't be willing to alter his opinion on the matter. CreePaul, defeated, asks when he's going to see Zana next. Zana says he can't make it down to the jail tomorrow, nor next week either: "I'll call you when I know." Click. Zana hands his phone to the but-yer and instructs him to get Zana a new phone and number. Also, he wants the family lake filled in. Why? I have no idea. (LJS that ever since discovering that his birth mother was buried under the Young pool all these years, Zana's now phobic of water? Stretch!) And why has Zana, who very recently was so genuinely concerned about his father's safety, now so abruptly rotted into a black coal of meanness? I really have no idea. All I know is: don't touch it, it's evil!

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Desperate Housewives




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