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Out in the car, Gabby tunes in her baby receiver. First, she catches a snippet of Lynette talking to Penny. Then she drives a few feet further and catches what at first sounds like incriminating dialogue: "Xiao Mei, that is amazing!" But it turns out that Carlos is just talking about Money's Mu Shu pork. The way they're talking -- "Sorry for making such a mess," Carlos says at one point -- it almost sounds as though they're aware that Gabby's listening? But it isn't totally clear whether or not that's true.

Susan and Julie are in the trailer, watching Mike's porch, where apparently Susan has left him a card that she made, an invitation to have him over for a romantic dinner, at which she plans to propose to him. Mike comes out and opens the card. "You're invited to a romantic dinner," it says on the front. Inside, there's a hand-drawn map -- "La Map," it reads -- and then the card itself reads, "Bring some champagne and your heart [drawing of a heart] and meet me at 8:30 at Lover's Point on Torch Lake." Awww, corny! And also romantic! (Or as romantic as a dinner at the lake where CreePaul dumped Deidre's body and Edie sprinkled Mrs. Huber's ashes can be). Mike smiles and looks over at Susan's trailer, where he sees her staring out at him expectantly. He smiles and gives her little half-salute with the card. Susan smiles back.

Flashback: Lynette and Tom are at the hospital, and she's just finished delivering her girl baby. She and Tom argue about what to name the baby. Lynette wants (and clearly gets) "Penny," and she insists that she gets her way due to the "eight hours of grueling labor" she just suffered. Tom doesn't think it's fair. Lynette: "Neither are stretch marks, but what are you gonna do?" Tom: "I've only known one Penny in my whole life, and she was a slut." Lynette: "Isn't your aunt named Penny?" Tom: "Yeah, that's her." Ha. Tom tells Lynette that he'll concede this round, but that he gets to "name the next one." Lynette is angered by the words "next one." She grabs his arm and yanks him down next to her on the bed; then she squeezes and squeezes his arm until he promises that they can stop having kids now -- four is enough. He finally gives in, but he doesn't quite get it; doesn't Lynette like their herd of kids? She tries to explain how sometimes when he's at work and she's surrounded by children, it isn't all that fun: "Each one is a blessing, yes, but I don't think I can take any more...blessings." Tom nods; then he touches his arm where she squeezed him: "Honey, that really hurt." Lynette lasers him with dead eyes, and asks him, "Did it hurt for eight hours?"

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