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Love and Marriage
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Previously: Tom was bored, and Gaby was sort of his friend. Orson stole to hurt Bree, and she didn't like it. Go figure. Edie found out Creepy Dave wanted to kill Mike and he choked her. Then she fled and swerved to hit Orson, and died.

Mary Alice starts us out by talking about Rose Kemper, the old lady whose house Orson broke into and was running from when Edie had to swerve to avoid hitting him. She's survived through a lot, so she isn't afraid of anything, which is why she gave Orson a bat to the head. Katherine is in the hospital room when Rose wakes up. She brought Rose flowers. Apparently, Rose had a mild heart attack. Rose explains why to Katherine: Death came for her, but she chased him out with her baseball bat. He tried to take a knick-knack. And then when he couldn't get Rose, he went after Edie. And Rose saw everything: Death staggered into the street and made her run into that light pole. Katherine thinks Rose is crazy, but she tells her she believes her. Mary Alice continues, as we move across the hall into Orson's room (he's heard everything), that Rose isn't afraid of anything, but Orson's afraid of her.

After opening, Mary Alice tells us how everyone hides things: Orson's doctor can't believe he got that bump just by tripping and hitting his head on the curb. Orson insists that's what happened, and the doctor stops pushing and says Orson should be free to go soon. Bree's not totally thrilled about that. She tells Orson she doesn't mean to be negative, but he keeps stealing and lying to her. She loves him, but can't put up with that anymore. He tells her things will be different, because he's been doing a lot of thinking and he's decided to be happy. He says there are things he doesn't like about his life, but there's so much that's good and he doesn't want to risk losing everything. He says he can decide to be happy and be the kind of husband she deserves. Bree really hopes he means that, because she cannot take any more lying. He promises her she won't have to as he hugs her and looks across the hall at Rose.

Gaby knocks on Creepy Dave's door and then goes back and tells Lynette, Katherine, and Susan that he didn't answer. Susan says the casserole she left two days ago is still there, and she can't believe the squirrels haven't gotten to it. Lynette jokes if there are any dead squirrels around, they might have. Katherine says they owe it to Edie to make sure Dave's taken care of. They discuss who can come by and check on him later. They all have work, except Gaby, who has a garden club meeting. They all look at her in shock. She says she just joined the club. They let it go and Katherine says maybe Mike can check on Dave. Oh, yeah, that will go well.

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