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Later, Mike's knocking and ends up opening the door when there's no answer. He apologizes for barging in, but wanted to make sure Dave's okay. He offers some lasagna that Katherine made for him, but Dave says he's good. But I will tell you, for a guy as crazy perfectionist looking as Creepy Dave, he is not looking good, all shaggy haired and unshaven and disheveled in his robe. Mike tells him he'll get through this, and calls him "Buddy." Mike says he's gone through some stuff, so Dave yells that Mike's gone through nothing, so he should go back to Katherine and his happy little life and leave him the hell alone. Mike acknowledges that Dave's right, and he has no idea what he's going through. Mike leaves, and Dave sighs, and closes his eyes.

Tom's lifting weights in the bedroom, when Lynette comes home. He quickly hides the weights under the bed as she reminds him they're having dinner with the Solises. He's making an attempt at giving Lynette bedroom eyes and she asks why he's making that face, adding, "You didn't eat dairy again, did you?" He says no, he's been working out, and if she's good, he'll let her cop a feel. She says that's okay; she can see it from there. He leans in to kiss her and says she smells good (she says she just took a shower). She says she's too exhausted for this, so he's all, "Come on! Please!" She says whining is hot, so he stands there looking sad. She lays back and says "Fine, but I'm going to just lie here waiting for it to be over." He's all, "Okay," but she doesn't really want that. He wonders how she just took a shower. She tells him there's a shower in Carlos's office, and he gets all jealous and crazy, as if she is sleeping with Carlos or something. He says they already spend sixteen hours a day together and now he finds out that some of those hours, she's naked and wet. He wants it to stop. She says fine, then adds that she should have just had sex, so she would be asleep by now. Ha.

Garden club: The annoying leader is telling them what to do. Gaby asks what's with all the gardening in this garden club. The ladies she's with tell her it used to be better, just booze and bitching. They miss it. Gaby wants to kill their leader, but plans a coup instead. They start recruiting garden club people, and end up with all sorts of people. They have six people, and the real garden club keeps six. Gaby thinks they need a tie-breaker, so she invites Tom, who she happens to see running by.

Orson's doctor comes in and asks why he wanted to see him. Orson heard the doctor's also treating Rose. He pretends to be concerned and asks how she's doing. The doctor says he can't discuss her condition with anyone she's not related to. Orson says she has no family or friends, and she has dementia; hasn't the doctor heard the bizarre ramblings? Orson pretends it's an ongoing situation and says he's worried about her going back to that big house with no one to look after her. The doctor says if he gets Social Services involved, they'll probably stick her in some state-run facility. Orson says if he doesn't, what if she hurts herself? He's not a lawyer, but wouldn't the hospital be liable? The doctor looks like he's thinking about it. Because, you know, doctors always take advice on how to do their jobs from their patients. What is this? Oceanside Wellness?

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