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The next day, Susan stops by Dave's on his way to work. He is squinting like mad in the sun, because he's been in the dark house. Susan gives him sandwiches that she bought instead of made. She asks him to please have one now so she knows he is actually eating them. Because, even in someone else's time of need, her insecurities are so overpowering they must be dealt with first. She says she needs to know he eats something. He says he's not angry, but thanks her. She asks Dave to please let her help, just a little. He lets her come in.

On the couch, she eats a sandwich as he watches. She tells him how good the sandwich is, but he's still not hungry. She asks if he's thought about what he'll do now. He's going to sell the house. She thinks that's moving quickly. He says he's going to put the money in a trust for Travers, as Edie would have wanted. Susan's glad he's at least making plans for the future, but Dave says everything that ever mattered to him is gone, so the future's the last thing he's thinking about. Susan goes to put the sandwiches away in the kitchen and sees Creepy Dave's gun. She obviously thinks he's suicidal, because he's such a mess, won't eat, wants to be alone. So she tries to get him to play cribbage, which she calls a "great cure for the blues." I've never heard that one. He says he thought she had to go to work, but she's going to call in sick. He tells her he's trying not to be rude, but she needs to leave. She offers to clean up a little since the realtor's coming. She runs around the house, taking the gun, all of his knives, prescriptions, and belts. She puts it all in the basket she brought the food in, tells Dave she'll be back to check on him after work, gives him the phone in case he wants to "order Chinese or call a hot line or something," and then leaves.

In the car, Susan's leaving a voicemail for Katherine when a cop stops her. He asks for her license and registration, and tells her it's against the law to talk on a cell phone without using a hands-free device while driving. She says she forgot because she was worried about a friend. The cop sees her basket of knives and gun and tells her to step out of the car. She doesn't listen and instead tries to tell him she has an explanation, so he ends up pointing the gun at her and makes her get out and get on the ground. Katherine's returning the call when she drives by and sees Susan. It's sort of amusing.

Gaby sees Tom getting out of Patty's convertible and approaches him. He says he had some car trouble, so Patty followed him over to the garage and gave him a lift back. Gaby looks annoyed. She says Patty lives six blocks away, whereas she just lives down the street, so why didn't he ask her. She says she feels a responsibility because she brought him into the club, introducing him to the horny homemaker. She doesn't want him to cheat on Lynette. He says he appreciates her concern, but tells her to butt out. Gaby says he's no longer allowed to see Patty. He asks if she's his mother, but she says she trumps his mother: She's Garden Club President. He thought she was his friend. She says he's her friend with a small f, and Lynette is her friend with a big F, so if she sees something that could hurt her, she's going to do something about it. He says a neighbor offered him a ride, and if she wants to hurt Lynette by twisting it into something it's not, then "Screw you! And that's with a big F."

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