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Orson's home, and Bree's pouring him tea. He thanks her, and says it's nice to be home. She says it's wonderful to have him home, and then asks why he was out walking when he fell and hit his head. He says they had a spat and he wanted to clear his head. He says it will teach him to fight with his lovely wife. She asks if going out for a walk was all he was doing. He says that's all. It's a good thing he's not lying to her anymore. She tells Orson she has some business to discuss with Andrew, and goes to his house. She tells him Orson's lying again, so she thinks she has to divorce him. Andrew asks her to tell him how he can help, and she goes inside.

Katherine asks Mike if he's okay as she crawls into bed with him. Mike just keeps thinking about Dave: how great his life was, he had everything, and then one day it was all gone. Katherine agrees that life can turn on a dime: Edie, Dave, Rose. She doesn't want to live with regrets. Mike doesn't either. Katherine admits that when she suggested moving in together it wasn't just about saving rent. She was trying to manipulate some kind of commitment out of him. She promises, from now on, no hidden agendas. He likes that policy and pulls her close. She says she'll always be honest with him, because he's the guy she's going to spend the rest of her life with. He looks unhappy about this.

Susan shows up at Dave's with the basket. He's all, "More sandwiches? Or is just my gun in there?" She says it's just his belts and ties; the police kept the rest. He says he knows, since the police told him. I think it's a little shocking he has a gun permit, but maybe most murderers do. I wouldn't really know. He is upset she told the police he's suicidal. She says she's sorry, but she's worried about him. He says he's fine and closes the door on her. She comes in and says he's not fine, and shouldn't be. He's allowed to feel any way he wants. She knows he is not fine. She sighs and tells him she's sorry for ransacking his house. She'll stop bugging him. He gets teary and tells her he and Edie had a fight that night, a bad one, and then she took off and crashed her car and died. Susan tells him that does not make it his fault. He thinks it does: If he'd been different, she'd still be alive. She tells him that if he blames himself for it, he will destroy everything he has left that's good. (I see Susan's point, but what exactly does Dave have that's good?)

She goes on that she knows what she's talking about. He says she doesn't, so she says that a few years ago she and Mike got into an accident and a woman and her daughter died. He says he heard about that, and Mike was driving, right? She says that's what they said, but it wasn't true. She couldn't find her license after the crash. She had switched purses and left it at home, so Mike said he was driving. She says she understands guilt, and she wants Dave to understand that Edie's death was an awful tragedy, but not his fault. Dave looks shattered for a moment, but then turns into Creepy Dave again as he thanks her for telling him, hugs her, and makes an evil face. Apparently all the guilt is gone thanks to that reveal.

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