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Running To Stand Still

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Running To Stand Still

Meanwhile, elsewhere at the Yard Sale of Doom, Mama Solis digs through some old vinyl as Carlos whines that "it's driving [him] crazy." Gabrielle could be boning anyone! Anyone! "What about that guy over there," he asks, gesturing to some random dude to whom Gabrielle is chatting. Mama Solis tells Carlos that he doesn't need to worry about the men Gabrielle talks to: it's the men she ignores who are suspicious. Carlos frets again that it could be anyone: "What do I have to do? Beat up every guy in town?" "Marriage takes work," Mama Solis says as she sails past Miguel and out of frame. The writer of that scene leans back in his armchair and murmurs, "and...scene" to himself

Lynette and KimberBree come from nowhere to gossip with Gabrielle and Susan. Lynette isn't surprised that Paul is "playing it close to the vest." He knows they're on to him. KimberBree exposits that Zack said that Mary Alice killed herself because of something he did. I would kill someone to get my hands on her hot argyle sweater. Susan really wants to track Zack down: "It's the only way we'll know the truth." KimberBree can't image Zack doing anything that bad. Gabrielle reminds her of ChristmasGate, and says that "the kid's obviously troubled in some way." Everyone stares at everyone for like a really long time.

Meanwhile, over at Silvercrest Loony Bin For Kids Being Held Against Their Wills, some random doctor tells Creepy Paul that poor little Zack has severe depression, borderline personality disorder, and a real bad haircut. He's "a deeply troubled young man." Creepy Paul says he knows this: "What are you giving him?" "Anti-depressants and a mood stabilizer." But they need to start therapy. Creepy Pail is all, "No. No thanks. No therapy. None for us." The doctor points out that they can't just medicate him forever. "Forget the Freud and stick with the drugs," Creepy Paul says. Hey, that's my motto. "No new treatments without my permission," he says, and stomps off. I am so sure.

Lynette is over at Posh Academy, attending a parent meeting for a production of Little Red Riding Hood, in which Polio and Pertussis are playing oak trees. She there meets her nemesis for the episode, "the amazing Maisy Gibbons," played with great Alpha Mom aplomb by Sharon Lawrence. Maisy announces that she feels that the actual ending of the play is just too violent. She thinks killing the Big Bad Wolf sends the wrong message to kids: "We believe that animals should only be euthanized as a last resort." Lynette shots all the rest of the Stepfords an "are you fucking kidding me?" face, but they all just look brainwashed and uncomfortable. Lynette points out that the wolf did eat Red's grandma. He's a threat to society. Everyone else stares straight ahead. Maisy actually uses the line, "And you are?" When she finds out that Lynette is just taking tickets on the night of the performance, she suggests that Lynette leave the creative suggestions to the moms who are doing "the heavy lifting." Lynette is all insulted and crabby.

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