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Running To Stand Still

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Running To Stand Still

Gabrielle picks up Mama Solis at the casino. She looks sad. Why? Well, she lost a whole lot of money. In fact, she maxed out Carlos's credit card. Even Gabrielle seems surprised by the depths of Mama Solis's addiction.

Sam Houston Motor Lodge. Rex is eating what looks like a bean and cheese burrito. Hmm, burritos. I adore thee. There is a knock on the door. It's KimberBree, with Super-Sexy Sex hair and a mink coat. "The man at the desk said there were no vacant rooms. Mind if I bunk with you?" she asks huskily. Rex: "[KimberBree], what are you doing here?" She rubs her mink and says it's a little chilly in the hallway. "Do you mind if we discuss this inside?"

So Rex lets KimberBree in, and she drops the mink. She's in a red bra and panty set and that's it. And she looks, to put it delicately, fucking awesome. Rex's jaw drops. "You look amazing," he breathes. She strolls over to the bed and says that the Davey Crockett Motor Court certainly isn't the Ritz, but that it has "all the essentials." Rex tosses the burrito on the nightstand and joins her on the bed. "I don't know what to say," he says. "Then perhaps you should say nothing," she offers, and they start really going at it. She's mid-writhe when she notices that the burrito is about to drop a huge load of cheese and beans all over the floor. She tries to concentrate on all the neck-kissing and the panting and the grinding, but she just can't. "Baby, I just need a minute," she says. Rex tells her just to leave it, and it appears that she really does try. But fails. She breaks, and pushes the burrito to safety. She rolls back to Rex to get back into it, but Rex has lost his mojo. He doesn't want to do it anymore. Man, he's sensitive. Compromise, Rex. She can fix the burrito and then you can have a good cry. He's actually really crabby and petulant about the whole thing and tells her that "now is not really a good time for" him. KimberBree looks very hurt by this, and gathers her coat to leave. "Well, it's obvious you've never had to remove a cheese stain," she announces tearfully by the door, and storms out. Rex, you are a fool. I pray to the sweet baby Jesus every day that I hook up with a smoking hot neat freak. All my problems, solved!

Plot of the Dull: Lynette is having serious issues getting the costumes done. Jordana suggests to her that she take some Ritalin. If you don't have ADD, it really perks you right up, she explains. She offers some of her stash to Lynette, who declines, saying that she's already smoked some crack and she doesn't want to mix. Snore. Wake me up if someone accidentally sleeps with her brother and finds herself pregnant with his child and then plots to marry her best friend's ex-boyfriend to pass the baby off as his own, while the best friend is in the hospital because she's pregnant with twins and one of the twins is a child she's carrying as a surrogate after locking the actual surrogate in a closet and one of the twins is her own and she has to abort one of them and she doesn't know which one. Because that would be interesting.

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