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Silly People
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Previously: Susan needed to get her health care figured out so that she can get her wandering spleen removed; Noah had a dirty cop named Sullivan in his pocket; Danielle and Matthew swapped spit and also secrets.

As usual, MAVO gets things started in her freakishly mirthful "I've just swallowed a bouquet of giggles and sunshine" way: "Once a month, the crème de la crème of Fairview society would attend a semi-formal luncheon at the home of Maxine Bennett." A bunch of ladies I don't ever recall seeing before file into a well-appointed house and air-kiss hostess Maxine (played by Jane Lynch of Best in Show and 40-Foot Virgin fame, yay). "Everyone loved these elegant get-togethers. Everyone, that is, but a certain redheaded housewife [the camera zooms in on the backside of the famous Bree flip], who was convinced Maxine was a liar. You see, Maxine liked to brag that she did all her own cooking." Maxine saunters out of the kitchen, carrying two little plates featuring elaborately assembled salads. MAVO: "And because each course was served promptly, presented with flair, and was positively mouthwatering [we get a montage of a series of beautiful plates of food being set down before Bree while all the hens around her bawk-bawk out compliments], Bree knew that Maxine had had some help." Maxine stands across from Bree and leans in to receive more praise from her guests, and then shoots Bree a small, gloating look. MAVO: "And sadly for Maxine, Bree intended to prove it."

Later, over coffee, Bree trills out for all the luncheon guests to hear: "Maxine, once again, this entire lunch was just out of this world! I just have to get the number of your caterer." Maxine, with false modesty: "What a nice, I'm afraid this is all my doing." The tablemate to Bree's left (and our right) agrees that the luncheon was, indeed, a "triumph." Bree, exasperated (and just a tad jealous?): "Oh, come on. Do you honestly expect us to believe that you had the time to prepare a six-course meal for ten women? Even I couldn't make this and have time to get ready for a party." Maxine, with a liar's smile: "Well, perhaps you're just not as organized as I am." Maxine excuses herself and heads off to circulate with the coffee, and Tablemate turns to Bree to ask what's gotten into her. And really, as someone on the boards pointed out, this kind of public confrontation is a little rude for Bree the Impeccable. Bree: "I have this same recipe for English plum pudding. It takes six hours to prepare. How did she have time to make all of this and everything else that we ate today? This is not the pudding of an honest woman." Is that some kind of Victorian insult about loose morals?

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