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Silly People

Just then, someone pounds on the front door and yells "FBI"! One of the guests casually wanders over and opens the door, and four suited FBI types race inside. They have a warrant to search the premises! Maxine is agape and aghast, what with being "in the middle of a luncheon."

Cut to one of the men bashing in a padlocked door to reveal a cute and very scared Chinese girl, who's busily frosting a plate of, I think, petit fours. The FBI guys escort the girl out of the kitchen while some of the other FBI guys put Maxine under arrest for "involuntary servitude." An FBI guy asks the girl if Maxine is the woman who imprisoned her, and the girl nods and says something in Chinese. Maxine lunges at the girl, yelling something, also in Chinese, and an FBI guy whisks her away. Bree's lunchmate turns to Bree and, in words made famous by the 4 Non Blondes, asks her, "What's going on?" Bree, somewhat discombobulated: "Well, I'm not sure...but I think Maxine had a slave!" The tablemate starts to muttering about how she "just can't believe it." MAVO: "But Bree could. You see: for her, the proof was in the pudding." Bree takes a bite of the pudding and smiles, smiles, smiles.

And now for the big MAVO theme of the evening, which I think is pretty much just "opposites attract": "The world is filled with unlikely friendships -- odd pairings that to the casual observer make absolutely no sense at all." Accordingly, we see a montage of oddball pairings: an old man and a young boy playing chess; a postman patting a pit bull; and, weirdest of all, a foxy business-lady in a powder-blue suit clinking her tea cup to the beer of a tattooed biker type in a wife-beater top. MAVO: "But if we look closer, we can see why these alliances form. After all, a shared purpose can give even mortal enemies common ground." Susan and Edie speed-walk over to catch Bree just as she's getting out of her car. Edie, incidentally, is wearing super-short white shorts and red slingback pumps. Susan tries to ease into the conversation without offending Bree, but Edie interrupts: "What the hell is going on with you and Betty Applewhite?" Bree plays dumb, so Edie elaborates: "Well, from the day that dead body showed up, nobody was yelling 'Oh, the Applewhites are involved!' louder than you! And the next thing we know, you're having Betty over for poker?! What gives?" Susan, backpedaling: "She makes it sound like we're angry, and we're not." Edie: "I'm a little angry." And by "a little," it's clear she means "a lot." Bree tries to escape, using her melting ice cream in her grocery bag as an excuse, but Edie isn't giving. She asks Bree if her change of heart has anything to do with the fact that Danielle and Matthew are now an item. Bree -- who was already starting to walk away -- turns back around all in a rush. Edie, under her breath to Susan: "Knew that would get her." Edie tells Bree how Mrs. McCluskey saw the teen twosome "making out in the park." Susan, hissing to Edie: "Cant you sugar-coat [the Danielle+Matthew sighting details] a little?" Edie insists that she actually did soften the blow, seeing as how Matthew actually "had his hand down her shirt." Bree freaks at this info. Susan sighs and tells Bree, "We know you have good reason for wanting Betty to hang out with us. We just wondered if you could clue us in a little." Bree snaps out of her freak-out meltdown and matter-o-factly informs the two ladies, "When it comes to Betty Applewhite, I know what I'm doing. And you two are just going to have to trust me. And if you can't do that, then perhaps I've overestimated the depth of our friendship." Bree excuses herself and stomps off into her house. Edie: "What a bitch." Susan starts to admonish Edie again, but Edie interrupts: "I was sugar-coating it."

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