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Smiles Of A Summer Night

And that's not all. Eva Longoria Parker is forced to do some Acting when Lynette asks her to keep her company at the hospital while she's getting her chemo drip. Gabby is very reluctant at first, but when the head-scarved Lynette pushes the issue, Gabby spills the news that her own dad died of cancer when she was just five, and during his last days, her mother forced to her to smile whenever she visited him so as not to bum him out. But despite all the practice, Gabby just cannot keep her frown upside down over the idea of losing Lynette. Because Gabby and Lynette are best friends, it turns out? I don't remember them having an especially strong bond, but whatever. They hug, and Eva pinches off some Emmy tears. And I know she supposed to have cancer and everything, but would it kill Lynette to put on a little lipstick?

And Edie just continues down her complete self-character-assassination spiral. First she tries to get Carlos (who's still sleeping with Gabby, you bet; I'll spare you the details about the long and not-funny sequence where Edie knocks on Gabby's door just as she and Carlos finish bumping and Carlos is forced to make a bumbling run through all the neighbors' backyards to beat Edie home, whee) to pay for a Bentley that she drives home for her birthday. He convinces her that, despite that $10 million he has salted away in an illegal offshore account, the IRS might have some trouble turning a blind eye to unexplainable outlays of $80k (remember Al Capone?), so she agrees to return the car. Do fancy car dealers take returns? But then she pulls a bait-and-switch, and instead of a car, she asks for his hand in marriage for her birthday, making sure to drop heavy hints about how she may have to tell the authorities about his fishy finances if he doesn't say yes. And yes he says!

Also, somewhere in there, we see a flashback to the day Katherine and Dylan moved away. Mary Alice and Susan (in a strange Egyptian Keely Smith wig) stop by Katherine's house to ask why there's a moving van out front. A very harried Katherine squirrelly tells them that she's suddenly landed a job in Chicago, and the family's They all hear the sound of something breaking upstairs, and Katherine tries to pretend its just clumsy movers. Susan and MA look suspicious and concerned, and Katherine tells them that Dylan won't be able to say goodbye to Julie -- she's too busy packing. Then she quickly shuts the door in MA and Susan's puzzled faces.

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