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The skies over an uncharacteristically deserted Wisteria Lane are uncharacteristically cloudy. And one of those clouds, as the camera tilts up into the sky, is distinctly funnel-shaped. It's kind of jarring to actually see sky on this show; I always assumed these people all lived on a soundstage. And Mary Alice is uncharacteristically to the point, saying that nobody anticipated the "unbelievable destruction" (which slightly better CGI would have rendered a lot more believable, I'm just saying), as we see a child's doll get blown across the street to fetch up against a curb. Especially, as MAVO continues while the stray doll serves as a bridge to dissolve in to a flashback of that morning, given the way the day started out.

Gabby is outside with the uncharacteristically windblown ladies, finally bringing them in the loop on what's been going on with her and Carlos lately. They aren't too impressed that she's back together with her ex so soon after getting married, but when they find out that Gabby and Carlos are skipping town rather than waiting around for Victor to have them killed, the judging gives way to tears. Gabby, I'm with your friends. Stick around. Get killed. Mrs. McC pulls up and yells out the window about a tornado hitting Mount Pleasant that morning, and they better get ready for one that might come to Fairview, like a tornado is a wandering gang or something. The ladies say a hasty goodbye, although Bree has to jinx the entire Western Hemisphere by saying that everything will be just like it was when Gabby returns someday. As they head back to their respective homes, Mary Alice goes nuts with the spoilers: "In four short hours, one of these women would lose a husband. All of them would lose a friend. But how could they have known this? It was supposed to be a beautiful day." Don't worry, the one who loses her husband doesn't like him very much. Not that that's much more of a spoiler.

We see people dashing around on Wisteria Lane at noon like there's a hurricane two hours from landfall instead of just a tornado watch. If the proximity to an ocean weren't a dead giveaway, the reaction to a tornado watch would clinch the fact that Fairview is not in Minnesota. We hear about a tornado watch and we're like, "Yawn. Get back to me when double-wides are flying overhead." ["Dude, seriously. I kept being like, 'It's a watch, morons. That doesn't even interrupt golf.' Miss you!" -- Miss Alli] While packing at home, Gabby is more worried about the news report that Victor's getting released from the hospital the next day. I understand she's not on great terms with Victor right now, but it seems odd for his wife to be learning about his movements from the news. A just-arriving Carlos is less worried about that than about his accountant dropping by with the papers giving them access to his $10 million Cayman Islands account, and he cracks on Gabby for overpacking. "If you're taking me somewhere where I don't need a boa, then I don't want to go," Gabby protests, then gives in and reminds Carlos that she had to say goodbye to her friends, so she's in kind of an owly mood. Which reminds Carlos that he should go say something to Edie. "What, 'rot in Hell, you maggoty whore'?" Gabby suggests, and after some more ranting from Gabby, Carlos quickly realizes that he might not want to bring up Edie again.

Lynette stops by Mrs. McCluskey's to pretend to check on her but really just to ask if the Scavo clan can hide out in her basement if a tornado comes. After much resistance, Mrs. McC relents, and Lynette promises to keep the kids' noise and destruction to a minimum. "Relative to the storm," that is.

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