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Upstairs at Mrs. McC's, she busts Lynette trying to stuff Toby in an upstairs closet, and she is pissed. Lynette asks how, as a friend, Mrs. McC can pick a cat over Lynette's husband. Mrs. McC rightly says that Lynette is only her friend when she needs something. They're still arguing about this when Mrs. McC's front door blows open. Toby darts out into the havoc outside, and Mrs. McC goes after it. And Lynette goes after Mrs. McC, fighting a gale force wind. Nice of her to leave the door open, too.

In Edie's house, Gabrielle is making useless grabs for the folder. When Edie offers to go away for a 60% share of the money, that gives Gabby the drive she needs to dive over the sofa, take Edie down, and run off with the papers. But outside, in the wind, Edie catches up to Gabby. They fight over the folder, and the papers scatter in the wind, blowing halfway to Mount Pleasant. Gabby grabs at the wind and screams at Edie, who has lost interest in the fight and is staring up at the sky, frozen in shock and terror. Finally she grabs wee little Gabby, points her body in the direction she's looking, and screams, "Get in the house, now!"

Mrs. McC, meanwhile, has tracked Toby to underneath what I assume is Edie's car, not that either Gabby or Edie noticed her coming. She tries to coax the cat out until Lynette drags her to her feet. Mrs. McC is the one to see what Edie saw. Lynette turns to look behind her, and that is one big, fat funnel cloud bearing down on them. They start to head back to Mrs. McC's, but they're cut off by suburban artillery fire in the form of metal barbecue grills and trash cans clattering to the street in front of them. So they do a 180 and dodge into Lynette's house instead. At least I think it's Lynette's house. I'm still new enough at this that I usually have to determine these things by who's inside and acting like they're at home.

Inside Edie's house, she tells Gabby that she thinks they can both fit in her crawl space. Still pissed about the money, Gabby doesn't want to share the small space with Edie until she hears something smash, and she boots her hostess inside ahead of her with a "Move your ass!"

Orson comes home in all this mayhem to find Katherine, Bree, Adam, and the baby still outside the Sylvia-filled bathroom. Bree tells him they can't get in, because there's a woman in there. "Well, tell her to hurry it up!" he snaps, cracking me up. Adam asks for five minutes, and Orson tells then about the funnel cloud right outside. They all duck into a handy storage closet instead.

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