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Lynette and Mrs. McC hide under a twin mattress in Lynette's bathtub. Gabby and Edie squat in Edie's crawlspace, and Gabby apologizes to Edie for the way she and Carlos hurt her. Edie doesn't want any deathbed confessions. "When we get through this I'm going to go on hating you for years to come," she says. But then she realizes she doesn't hate Gabby; she's only mad at herself for letting herself fall for Carlos when she knew he'd go back to Gabby. A loud noise drives them into each other's arms, literally.

Inside the closet (which is large enough for four adults to sit, one to a corner, with their legs stretched out in front of them, a discussion of Benjamin's need for a new diaper turns into Katherine blaming Bree for letting Sylvia into her house due to her nosiness. The whole house shakes like a yacht, or a flimsy shooting set, as Adam comes to Bree's defense. Katherine apologizes to their hostess, and Orson asks what Sylvia said to her anyway. Bree again tells them about Sylvia's crazy claims, this time leaving in the part about Adam's tattoo. Not noticing that the air between Katherine and Adam has just changed significantly, Bree goes on about how she would have noticed at the pool if Adam had a tattoo, let alone a snake. "He did, back in Chicago," Katherine says quietly. "He had it removed." And so, Bree is left holding something worse than a poopy baby. "So that's why we settled? Why we lost everything?" Katherine says to Adam. It gets very quiet in there, and Bree reaches for Katherine's hand. Katherine still does not spit in Bree's face.

Carlos rushes into Gabby's house, yelling at her to get into the basement. Of course Gabby's not there. But Victor is -- out of the hospital a day early, probably because hospital security was busy subduing a violent plumber. Since neither man knows where Gabby is, Victor says, "I guess we'll have to wait for her together." And he reveals the gun we knew he had in his hand all along.

Seeing the gun, Carlos tries to talk to Victor, saying he and Gabby just couldn't stay apart. He apologizes to Victor. "Are you done?" Victor asks. Carlos is. So Victor abruptly raises the gun and opens fire. Carlos darts out into the storm. Victor follows, yelling at Carlos to get back in the house. "You'll get hurt out here!" he hollers into the tornado, his gun leveled. Carlos dives at him and fights for the gun, which blows halfway across the street. Their race to get to it first is brought to an abrupt halt by a car landing on it, upside down. Apropos of nothing, a flying pipe takes out Bob and Lee's ugly fountain. Carlos and Victor continue fighting in a front yard as fence pickets unzip around them. Carlos finally subdues Victor and tries to break into the house. He's just about to make it inside, as Victor raises that pipe to brain Carlos from behind. But before he can, one of those flying pickets totally Buffys him from behind. Carlos stands and watches in shock as Victor collapses, probably really dead this time. And then a flying bit of debris does to Carlos what Victor couldn't.

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