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Almost Everybody's All-American

Gaby makes breakfasts for her pet fugitives and tries to talk Bob into changing the way immigration laws work, but he can't do anything. Carlos wants to throw money at the problem, Gaby wants to stamp her feet, Carmen just wants to know what she can do get away from Gabrielle's crazy eyes. Bob tells them Carmen's choices are to turn herself in or disappear -- they'll never think to look for her in Texas! -- and Gaby, having just lost the plot entirely, worries about Grace getting deported. Carmen manages not to roll her eyes. "She was born here? Switched at birth? American hospital? You were there? She's an American citizen." Gaby's eyes go dark and she runs to tell Grace that she can have waffles all day long, if she wants: As long as Carmen dies or is otherwise eliminated.

In three weeks/the penultimate winter episode: Some Cynthia Watros, a bit more John Schneider and Mitzi Kinsky (who's hopefully learned to recycle); Gaby continues to think up ways to kidnap Grace and/or get Juanita deported; Keith probably fails once again to pop the question; Tom throws a fit about his dick and Renee stupidly tells Susan about her history with that same dick; and Paul's plan for Wisteria Lane is revealed: His army of ex-convicts is building a rocket to the moon!

Watch the episode below, discuss it in our forums, then see last season's most outlandish moments.

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